3rd Aug 2022

12 Popular Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet [2022 Edition]

Author: Libbi Cohen

12 Popular Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet [2022 Edition]

Your bridal flowers are one of the most important elements in your overall bridal image, serving as the ultimate compliment to your wedding dress. While choosing the perfect bridal bouquet is crucially important, it can also be a tremendous challenge. Which flowers should you use? How many types of flowers should you include? What colours should be in your bouquet? How big shall it be? And the list goes on…

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Ultimately, your bridal bouquet must reflect the season of your wedding. Having seasonal flowers will not only ensure that your flowers are fresh and emit a beautiful fragrance, but it also means that your wedding will have an aesthetically pleasing seasonal look. Another benefit of seasonal flowers is that they are cheaper than off-season flowers, which is great for those operating on a budget.

Imagine having a summer wedding and then seeing your wedding flowers bloom each summer in your local natural surroundings, reminding you of your special day - nature’s perfect anniversary gift.

Keep reading for bridal bouquet inspiration for every season, plus find out how you can make your bouquet last a lifetime.

Spring Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet

There are a multitude of reasons for choosing a spring wedding, but spring flowers have to be number one. Springtime is renowned for being the best time of the year for flower growth, meaning that there is a huge selection of flowers to choose from.

Here are some ideas for stunning spring wedding bouquets:

A Simple Bouquet of Peonies and Daisies

Often, less is more. If you want a minimalist look for your wedding, or want something natural and a bit wild-looking, peonies and daisies are the perfect combinations for your bouquet.

A bridal bouquet made up of just one type of flower can have a stunning effect. Simply arrange your flowers and tie them with some nice string or ribbon for a simple, yet feminine and elegant look.

Simple, Yet Romantic Bouquet of Roses

Roses are a classically romantic choice of flowers, perfect for your wedding day - perhaps the most romantic day of your life. You can either stick to one type of rose or mix different types and add greenery, such as ivy, for a more natural look.

Summer Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet

There is every reason why summer is the height of the wedding season. Longer days, nicer weather, and, of course, beautiful fresh flowers. Like with spring, there is always a wide range of flowers to choose from in the summer, with many flowers in full bloom at this time of the year.

Here are some ideas for a gorgeous summer wedding bouquet:

A Traditional White Bouquet

What colour better represents weddings than  white? For a traditional and timelessly romantic look, add white roses and baby’s breath with some greenery, like ivy. Tie your bouquet together with white lace or a white ribbon. If you want something more sentimental, why not use an heirloom like a lace handkerchief to tie your bouquet together.

A Colourful, Vibrant Bouquet

Summer is the season of bright, bursting colours. Try mixing a variety of colourful flowers to create a bold beautiful bouquet for a bold and beautiful bride. Different coloured roses, lavender, daisies, yellow rice flowers, and greenery combine to make a stunning wedding bouquet with a burst of colour.

Sunflowers Bridal Bouquet

If you are looking for a more unconventional bouquet that is colourful and vibrant, then look no further than the  sunflower. They serve as a striking accent flower and can be beautifully combined with daisies and roses.

Winter Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet

While spring and summer are unparalleled for their choice of seasonal blooms, a winter wedding can create a fairytale-like atmosphere. With the right flowers, your bridal bouquet can boast an enchanted look.

Here are some ideas for a winter wedding bouquet:

A Red Winter Bouquet

If your wedding is close to  Christmasred flowers are the perfect choice. Add red roses, berries and ivy with some white flowers for contrast. Baby’s breath would look great in there too.

Bouquet with Pine Cones

Pine cones are a signature element of winter and are a great filler for your bouquet. Add these to a bouquet with a mix of white flowers and greenery for a wild, natural look that will be sure to impress guests and stand out in photos.

Traditional Winter White Bouquet

Add a wintery twist to your traditional white bridal bouquet by adding lots of ivies and pale green foliage. You can also add metallic details to your bouquet by spray painting parts of the bouquet with silver spray paint. The combination of white flowers with a metallic finish will give your bouquet a winter, icy look. For a finishing touch, either tie your bouquet together with a white ribbon or a metallic silver ribbon.

Autumn Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet

Autumn is a very popular time of year for weddings - right before the coldness of winter, with the golden colours of the season. Red,  orange and gold are the colours of autumn and your wedding flowers should reflect this.

A Golden, Fiery Bouquet

For a golden, fiery bouquet that really captures the autumnal spirit, add red roses, golden lilies and red leucospermum. For a wild, more natural look add in your favourite greenery.

A Forest-inspired Bouquet

For those looking to venture away from a more natural, earthy look, try combining autumn’s pinks and reds. Combine dusty pinks with red roses to create an elegant autumnal bridal bouquet. You can also add in some purple hydrangeas to add texture and colour. Seasonal berries are a great filler to add to this bouquet, complementing the red roses.

White Cascade Bouquet

For autumn brides who would like to keep things traditional, a white cascade bouquet is always a good idea. For autumnal flower choices,  lilies and roses work great. Add in some seasonal greenery and you have a timeless, seasonal bouquet.

Wedding Bouquets with Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are an unconventional, yet brilliant choice for your bridal bouquet. Not only do dried flowers create a unique and aesthetically pleasing look, but they are also guaranteed to last a lifetime, preserving your precious memories of your most special day.

Here are some ideas of dried flower bridal bouquets: 

Pink Dried Wedding Bouquet

Combine dried pink roses, dried pink astrantia, dried lavender, dried white daisies and dried baby’s breath to make a gorgeous dried pink flower bouquet.

Dried Traditional White Wedding Bouquet

For an unconventional twist on the traditional white bouquet, combine dried lilies, dried stephanotis, dried sweet william and astilbe.

A Bouquet of Dried Roses

Combine your favourite dried roses, perhaps a bouquet of different roses, such as a range of pinks and whites. Like with a fresh bouquet of roses, it is always a good idea to add ivory, but in this case, add dried ivory.

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