5 Flowers to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

17th Jan 2021

The history of Mother’s Day is a modern one and it is a counterpart of Father’s Day. It was believed that Greeks themselves had celebrated this day in some form, but there is no actual proof to support this theory. 

In the UK, the holiday came about based on the old Christian tradition of visiting your mother church once every year. As is the case, most people did this around Easter time, which is why the holiday appeared around that time too. The tradition had somewhat waned and it had come into full practice when it was first made into an official holiday by US President Woodrow Wilson and has been celebrated ever since, spreading easily around Western World together with the emancipation of women.

There are also other celebrations of this day on different dates and in somewhat different forms, depending on where you are in the world of course. In Japan, for example, flowers are almost an official gift and the holiday is marketed just as much as it is in the UK and the US. Whilst in China, the holiday is not yet official but is certainly rising in popularity with more and more people showing interest and sending gifts to their mums.

The most important thing is that Mother’s Day is a special time that we have all come to appreciate, celebrate and love. It is also certain that it will be celebrated long into the future with all of us making sure that our mums know how special they are to us.

What flowers to buy for Mother’s Day?

The most important thing, of course, is that regardless of where you happen to live in the world and regardless of when you may celebrate Mother’s Day, it is most important simply that we all do. Our mothers are loved by us all and this is no different in any culture or a country. They are the ones who raise, feed and always take care of us. So, do not forget to look at our Mother’s Day flowers and plants section and we’ll make sure to make your mum happy.

Mother’s Day is a great occasion to thank your mum for the greatest gift of all and for all the other wonderful things our mums have given us over the years. Considering their sacrifices, it is no wonder to see people in search of great gifts to send to their mums on this day and flower shops do get their very fair share at this time. The timing of Mother’s Day is also on our side and the usual suspects of hyacinths, daffodils, anemones and tulips are all there for us to choose from.

At Flower Station we have tried to give you a great range to choose from and have even added  plants to this year’s selection. Our expert florists recommend 4 types of flowers that will send a warm message to your super mom. However we are also here to help you just in case you have any other unique ideas that you think will work and you would like us to construct for you, so give one of our shops a call and we’ll take it from there.


Roses are widely related to romantic relationships but they can be a perfect floral gift for your Mum too. Roses are always a great choice on any special occasion. But it might be better to get pink, white or cream roses as the red is related to romance and Valentine’s day. Pink roses symbolise gratitude white ones represent purity, and cream-colored roses are for thoughtfulness.


We can say the carnation is the Mother’s day flower. Our florists recommend the carnations as they are long-lasting blooms that will be delighting your Mom’s home for some time. Choose the pink carnations as they refer to the mother’s love. White carnations are another good choice as it symbolizes unconditional love.


Tulips are a great seasonal choice as Mother’s Day falls in spring, We have prepared a wide range of delicate tulips in different colours and shapes. So surely we have something to fit every taste. Bring a note of joy to your mom’s home with our lovely white tulips bouquets. They represent the cheerfulness of the season. The white tulips are an appropriate choice if you want to present your apologies to your mom for the worries you caused her. You can always mix the tulips. By putting pink and red tulips, you will add a playful note to your Mother's day flowers.


Think about sending a bouquet of  lilies for Mother’s day if you want to wish good luck to your mom. These big blooms will be a great big surprise for Mother’s Day. We have lilies in a variety of colours so you can choose the one your Mom will adore the most. We recommend the pink ones for symbolising admiration or the purple ones in case you want to tell your Mom how proud you are of her.


Our collection of elegant orchids is for those who want a floral gift for Mother’s day that will last for many years to come. Our potted orchids are a popular choice for Mother’s day and a houseplant easy to care for. But you can always send the orchids in bouquets and they will have just as big of an impact. We highly recommend pink orchids, which represents elegance and femininity.

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