Best Flowers to Give for a Birthday

Posted by Ms. Cohen on 4th Nov 2020

Birthday: when it’s someone’s birthday, you want to give them something to make them smile and feel special as each birthday is an occasion and a day to be celebrated. However, it is not always clear what to go for and how much to spend.

A boyfriend, husband, mother, friend, work colleague, mystery admirer will all have different ideas of budgets and what to purchase.

Our recommendation is to always think of the recipient and to feel secure that any gift of flowers will make them feel that they have been thought of on this special day and appreciated.

I think that it is sufficient for a work colleague to go for something small such as a bouquet of the week or one of our weekly specials. Stay away from red roses as they are regarded as a romantic flower and it’s best not to give the wrong impression! That said, mixing red roses with other colours is fine and the overall feel of the bouquet will not necessarily be romantic. We would guide such a bouquet at £25-40 plus delivery. If you’re feeling generous, you can include some chocolates or even a bottle of champagne.

Of sending as a person with a romantic connection, you really can go for anything. Naturally, if you have lots of other gifts or events lined up, your budget may be compromised. We have a great selection of good value romantic bouquets as well as some that are simply spectacular and completely luxury and these flowers will certainly impress and give your loved one a great feeling on her birthday.

We’d not recommend going too small, even if you have a lot of other things planned. Ideally, look to spend a minimum of £50 and for those that can afford it, we suggest to push the boat out. Our customer service team is available for advice and can also help you make a bespoke arrangement if you are aware of any special likes. If you order your flowers with a good novice period, we can often bring in specific flowers to meet any request.

For a family member, whilst it is sometimes taken for granted that they are loved and appreciated, a birthday is a great time to reach out and make that clear. A birthday is a perfect time to show that you remember, that you care and also to make the person great on their special day.

The wonderful thing about sending flowers or plants as a gift is that you simply cannot go wrong. Bit to make the birthday extra special, you can chose something that will really impress them. A favourite colour or type of flower and if you feel inclined, why not add some chocolates, a cuddle soft toy, a bottle of champagne. Another useful idea is to add a vase, especially if you feel they may not have one already or one suitable for the size of bouquet you are sending.

If you are a secret admirer, you want to make your mark. It can be a thin line sometimes between impressing and harassing and hopefully it’s the former! Depending on how secret the admiration is and how romantic, we can suggest anything from something neutral, to something that has a hint of romance (such as a single red rose placed centrally in a bouquet, or to go full on with a fabulous bouquet. In the last case, depending again on budget, why not go for a luxurious bouquet of long stemmed red roses. You can simply chose any number your budget will allow and just go for it!

Different tactics we have experienced over the years includes

Mixing the red roses with pinks to give a softer and more subtle romantic gesture and also to send single stemmed roses on a regular basis. For one newly wed couple, we used to send 21 long stemmed red roses every week.

Remember, plants can also be good birthday gifts. This especially works if you know what kind of plant the recipient would like. The benefit of sending a plant is that it comes in a permanent container which in itself will be something nice and appropriate for the plant. Additionally, if well looked after, the plant will last a long time and hopefully (and depending on the plant) it may still be alive on their next birthday.

In this modern age we live in, we have experienced sending lots more flowers and plant gifts to men and we feel that men should enjoy these gifts as well. It used to be seen as inappropriate to send men flowers on their birthday and more likely to be something more manly like aftershave. But these days, me are much more in touch with nature and beauty and most that we have experienced, are extremely touched by receiving flowers or plant gifts. Naturally, they will be even more touched to revive a bottle of champagne with it! Don’t forget a vase as this is still the early days in this modern era and not all men have a selection of appropriate vases

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