Valentine's Day Approaches - Flower Station

Posted by S. Marcinko on 24th Mar 2020

Here at Flower Station the preparations for Valentine’s Day have been in full flow and on the go since the beginning of January. We have just secured a big space next to our flagship drive- thru store that will enable us to store the much needed thousands of red roses, as well as more space for our supremely skilled and the ever wonderful workforce. Which would mean no more extra runs to the warehouse for any of our Central London deliveries. We are expecting the very best Valentine’s since opening our doors to general public over 11 years ago and we are expecting it to be generally the best year by some way indeed. We see this as a direct result of our attitude to always try to improve, not just by giving our customers ever fresher blooms and choices, but in improving our workforce and skills sets wherever and whenever we can.

It is with such a set of skill sets that we come to our head driver Michal, who had started work as one of our very junior florists, but someone who always wanted to be a courier driver and who did eventually climb to be at the very top of our driver’s tree map. It is very reassuring to say that Michal’s skill set is incredible and his knowledge of London’s streets is combined beautifully with that of knowing how to handle flowers and being able to differentiate between different types of bouquets, corporate vases, or even wedding button holes – one for the groom and one for the usher please mate! We are however very sorry to acknowledge that our head driver Michal will not be joining the team on the streets for Valentine’s Day, but we are happy to say that he will be conducting the ‘motorised operations’ from our head office near Baker Street – always making sure that each and every delivery arrives when and as promised.

A worthy note should be added to this Valentine’s Day with all our premium roses being the fragrant ‘Red Naomi’ types. We have found this rose to be better than most with a larger flower head and a better colour throughout. The news that has generally made most of our florists extremely happy and it was them that have, at the end of it all, pushed for this change to occur and who are we to question the best experts we have at our company. Now all that is left is to wait for the actual madness to resurface and to keep improving and make sure that your bouquets this coming Valentine’s Day are better than ever before. 

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