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What Flower Matches Your Personality?

What Flower Matches Your Personality?

Posted by Libbi Cohen on 5th Aug 2022

Everyone has a flower that matches their personality. Like humans, every flower is unique and has its own strengths, weaknesses and beauties. Each flower has its own set of characteristics, distinct from any other flower and it’s as easy to apply personality traits to plants as we do to humans. If you’re looking to give flowers as a gift, wouldn’t it be special to find the perfect flower that reflects the uniqueness of the recipient’s personality?

16 Flower Personality Types

One type of personality classification that is often used is the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. It aims to identify a person’s personality type, strengths and performances. Today, it is one of the most widely used psychological inventories in the world.

Based on the answers to the inventory’s questions, people are identified as having one of 16 personalities. The ultimate aim of this inventory is so that people are able to determine their own personalities and better understand their unique characteristics. If you know your personality type or that of your loved ones, keep reading to find out which flower you are, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type.

1: The Logistician

Logisticians are serious and reserved. People with this personality type are well-organised and have a good attention to detail. They are planners and are responsible. They also have a good reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.

The Peruvian Lily is an excellent match for a “logistician”. They are well-known for being the perfect flower for a “thank you” gesture. They have large, sturdy petals which reflect reliability and trust, making them a wonderful gift for those who are reliable, trustworthy and helpful towards others.

2: The Defender

People with this personality type are friendly and responsible. They are work oriented and are committed to meeting their obligations. They are also loyal and caring. Their care for others means that they are non-confrontational.

The perfect flower for this personality type is a daisy. Daisies give out peaceful, positive vibes, making them a friendly-looking flower. Their cheerful nature represents people who have the “defender” personality type as they represent people who are caring, virtuous and friendly.

3: The Advocate

These people are serious and hardworking. Aside from being logical and conscientious, they are also compassionate and value strong relationships with others. While they are very fond of people, they also like having their own space to wind down and recharge.

Daffodils are an excellent choice of flower for those with the personality type of an “advocate”. They are associated with hope, strength and resilience. Not only are these flowers the perfect choice for those who are strong-willed and hardworking, but they are also a great gift for those who believe in others and value relationships.

4: The Architect

People with these personality types are independent and confident. They are analytical, creative and motivated. They prefer to rely on logic rather than feelings. Due to their high expectations of themselves, they are regarded as perfectionists.

For those who are creative and motivated, carnations are the perfect choice of flower. They are vibrant, bright and bold and represent those who are daring and different.

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5: The Crafter

Crafters are fearless and independent. People with this personality type are adventurous and risk-taking. They are quiet and aren’t always well-attuned to the needs of others, which may make them seem insensitive.

People with this personality type are best represented by orchids. Orchids are a very unique type of flower and make the perfect gift for those who are non-conformist and open to taking risks in life.

6: The Artist

Individuals with this personality type are friendly and easy going. While they’re caring and friendly, they also like their personal space. They would rather spend time with a small group of family and friends than with a big group of people.

Beautiful, vibrant tulips are an ideal match for those with an ‘artist’ personality type. They are known to symbolise love and happiness and so they best represent those who are warm, friendly and caring.

7: The Mediator

People with this personality type are caring and loyal, yet also creative. They have high values and constantly want to do good by humanity. Like artists, they are family and home-oriented.

Baby’s breath represents people who are mediators. These flowers represent those who are good, pure and innocent. They also represent loyalty and are the perfect gift for those who emulate purity, loyalty and trust.

8: The Thinker

Those with this personality type are quiet and introverted. They are also very analytical and like to pay attention to how things work. They are also problem-solving.

Hydrangeas represent people who are thoughtful, rational and evaluative. Hydrangeas are known for representing deep understanding and gratitude and are a perfect gift for those that are attuned to both their and others’ needs, with a thoughtful attitude.

9: The Persuader

These individuals are pragmatic and problem-solving. They are outgoing and energetic and enjoy spending time with large groups of people.

Roses are perfect flowers for those who are courageous and thick skinned. Due to the pragmatic nature of “persuaders”, roses are an excellent choice of flowers as they are not affected by their thorns and so are great for those who find solutions to any problems and remain unharmed by any negativity.

10: The Entertainer

People with these personality types are outgoing and friendly. They love to be the centre of attention and are optimistic.

For those who are “entertainers”, sunflowers are a perfect match. The unique, vibrant appearance of sunflowers makes them a happy flower, lighting a smile across their receiver’s face. Because of this, sunflowers represent people who light up a room and radiate warmth and positivity.

11: The Champion

These types of people are creative and energetic. They are extroverted and are good at giving support to others. They value emotions and prefer spontaneity rather than planning and organisation.

For “champions”, peonies are the perfect flower. Peonies only bloom for a short amount of time and are associated with happiness and celebrations. Because of their happy energy and their short lifespan, they are perfect for those that enjoy spontaneity and living in the moment. If you’re a “champion” and believe that life is short and we should seize the moment, then go and get yourself some peonies!

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12: The Debater

People with this personality type are outspoken and loud. They focus on ideas, solutions and the future rather than on the “now”. They are extroverted and enjoy working with people.

Alliums are a wonderful choice of flower for those with “debater” personality type. They symbolise patience and unity and can serve as a reminder to be patient during hard times. Their essense of unity and positivity resonates with “debaters” who are problem-solving and future-facing.

13: The Director

Directors are responsible, organised and practical. They like to take charge and find efficient solutions to any issues. While they can be viewed as bossy or stubborn, they value rules and have very high standards.

For problem-solvers and leaders, magnolia flowers are the perfect choice. They symbolise endurance and perseverance, as well as dignity and pride.

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14: The Caregiver

These types of people are warm and harmonious. They are very emotional and only want the best for others. They enjoy helping others and giving people the care that they require.

Gerberas are an excellent choice of flower for those with a “caregiver” personality. They are cheerful and bright and are well known for bringing happiness to their receiver, making them an ideal match for those who enjoy cheering other people up.

15: The Protagonist

People with this personality type are warm, loyal and responsible. They are compassionate towards their friends and are very forgiving. They thrive off of helping others and take it as their responsibility to help others fulfil their potential. They are caring and make good leaders.

For a “protagonist”, an echinacea is the ideal flower. It is bright, colourful and eye-catching, with a prickly centre. Not only are they decorative, but they are also used for medicinal purposes. These characteristics make them perfect for those that are outgoing and bold, but also caring and helpful.

16: The Commander

These individuals are leaders, valuing organisation and planning. They enjoy spending time with others but they aren’t very empathetic. They are not emotional people but they have strong leadership skills.

For “commanders”, amsonias are a great choice of flower. Not only are they beautiful, but they are considerably drought resistant and so they represent determination and strength, much like a leader.

Which personality type are you?

Why not treat someone special to their Myers Briggs flower as a symbol of appreciation for their unique characteristics that make them so wonderful? Or treat yourself to your own Myers Briggs personality flower as a testament to all your strengths and admirable qualities. 

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