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Beneficial Aspects of Flower Bouquets for Special Occasions 

Throughout the history of humanity, flowers have been associated with happiness, celebration, a gesture showing goodwill and a token of gratitude. The sheer variety and vibrancy of colours along with the aroma makes them the perfect messenger of something good and hopeful. However, with the advent of modern horticulture practices and wide scale usage of flower bouquets, things have changed. Professionalism has invaded this as well and people have multiple avenues o purchase bouquets for any occasion they like to. This was however not the case always. Let’s have a deeper look at this. 

A brief History of the Flower Bouquet 

The oldest evidence that we used flowers for decoration in homes goes back to Egypt some 2500 BCE where they held the lotus has something pious. In many cultures, the tradition has been carried forward i.e. Ikebana from Japan which is an art of arranging flowers. These were brought to Japan by Buddhist monks from China and were traditionally offered in various rituals. In Europe, the earliest forms are found in Dutch communities who made these wonderful informal flower paintings and house decorations especially in the rich classes and the aristocracy. It has thus always been the symbol of hope, happiness, sanctity and purity. 


Also known as Tussie-Mussie or a Posy is a small flower bouquet which is typically given as a gift and has existed since the medieval times. There are various arrangements available and dollies are used to bind the stems together. The term itself is associated with Queen Victoria who made these small bouquets a fashion accessory! The term “nosegay” rose to prominence in fifteenth century England, which means to appease the nostrils or the nose. 

The Language of Flowers 

Floriography, as it is also called, is a form of communication through flowers where certain arrangements of various types of flowers are used to convey some private information. It all started in Ottoman Turkey in the court of Constantinople where tulips were used in the first half of 18th century. The craze for Floriography was introduced to Europe by two women – Mary Wortley Montagu and Aubre De La Mottraye who introduced it in England and Sweden respectively. It became popular in France in 1800s and later in the United States. A number of writers have used the language of flowers to express meanings in their writings. The meanings are often deciphered based on dictionaries, which help n the interpretation, and they often change from culture to culture. However, there are certain meanings. Mimosa or sensitive plants imply chastity whereas deep red rose symbolize blood of Christ and romantic love. Pink suggest lesser affection and yellow stands for friendship. The black rose similarly is related to death or dark magic. 

Wedding Bouquets

In many parts of the world and especially in Christian marriages, the bride usually holds a bouquet and the maid of honour holds it during the ceremony. There is a common tradition where the bride throws the bouquet in the air and whoever catches it is next in line to be married! Wedding bouquets are often available in varieties including nosegays and flower spray. Florist Becontree comes up with everything to suit all your needs in terms of this. 

The Common Flowers Used 

Some of the most common flowers used to create bouquets are Rose, Garden rose, Gerberas, Rose petals, Lilies, Orchids, Peonies, Gardenia, Hydrangea, Freesia, Hypericum berry, Ranunculus, Carnations, Star of Bethlehem, Tulips, Anemone, Asters and Bouvardia. Apart from these, Flower shop Becontree also offers greens and tropical flowers and decorative leaves as well. The flowers are usually accompanied with their stems in order to bind them properly. 

Bouquet Types 

Flower bouquets can be classified best in terms of the purpose they are serving. Wedding bouquets are the best place to show a floral extravaganza with emphasis on colours and variety. Birthday and “Get Well Soon” bouquets are better served by nosegays. Funeral flowers on the other hand depict a dark and somber mood and hence should be simple with less emphasis on colours. 

Flowers have always played an important part in our lives. They are a perfect gift on many situations and can bring in a change of mood. Apart from the visual beauty, they can also serve to appease your sense of smell with the aromas. So contact flower delivery Becontree services now!

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