Create Your Own Flower Bouquet From Your Own Beautiful Flowers!! 

Who doesn’t like a fresh bouquet of flowers in the home? What if you could have your own flowers from your flower garden? Nothing can lighten up your home like a pot filled up with fresh-cut flowers. 

Whether you are looking for flower delivery in North Sheen or any other areas in U.K., you can find a number of florists in North Sheen offering quality flowers. However, buying bunches of blooms can be costly. Growing your own indoor garden with the right plants and some planning can generate plenty blooms for you to relish all around thespring and summer. 

For growing your own flowers, you need to: 

  • Select a perfect area: The best area for growing flowers is the one that will get enough sun light for at least six to eight hours a day. Make sure to select a spot that will allow you to simply reach out the plantsfor cutting without damaging or stepping on other plants. Furthermore, flowering plants needs extra care. Especially in hottest days, they require a daily watering. Thus, make sure your garden is easily accessible for hand-watering. If your garden space is small, you can create a gravel pathway or put a few stepping stones to make a trouble-free entrance into your garden. 

  • Pick your flowers: It is vital to choose flowering plants for your garden according to the climate in your area. Keeping climate in your mind will help you to determine the best plant varieties to select for your region. You can choose different flowers that can be planted from seeds, grown from bulbs or be annuals or perennials. Taking proper care and planting right flowering plants at the right time will let you have your blooms available for months on end. 

Although, there are a number of varieties of flowers that you can grow at home for beautiful bouquets, some of the most popular varieties of flowers include: 

  • Hyacinth: Hyacinths are beautiful flowers that are grown from a bulb and produces big bunches of blossoms that are perfect for your flower arrangements. Their exciting scent and vibrant colors make them a favorite spring-flowering bulb. These kinds of flowers are usually available in shades of yellow, pink, red, orange, purple, white and blue. As these flowers can grow up to 12 inches tall, they look unique and standout in a vase. 

  • Anemone: Anemones flowers, also known as windflowers are a popular garden choice. There are various different varieties of anemone blooming in spring and fall. They usually look like a daisy shape and come in different shapes ranging from white, crimson, blue and deep pink. When cut properly, these flowers can stay fresh for more than a week in a vase. 

  • Peonies: Peonies flowers are perfect for flower arrangements as they are showy, large in size and fragrant. These flowers are available in shades such as white, cream, red, pink, yellow and purple. These flowers make superior cut flowers and can last for more than a week if cut in full bud.

  • Dahlias: These beautiful and spectacular flowers are one of the most popular plants for your cut-flower garden. The variety of colors available in these kinds of flowers includes purple, pink, orange, white, lavender and yellow. These flowers are usually grown from bulbs and come in various sized blooms from petite to giant saucer sized flowers.

        Zinnias: Zinnias are beautiful flowers that grow quickly and bloom heavily. These are generally planted from seeds and come in a variety of colors ranging from soft pinks, reds, yellow and white. They are great plant for cut-flower garden. These long lasting flowers that attract bees and butterflies to your garden can cope with periods of dry and hot weather. 

No doubt, flowers are beautiful, but what if you add some greenery to it while making a bouquet? Well, adding greenery to your bouquet will further enhance the beauty of your flowers. Like, various wedding florist in North Sheen and other flower shops in North Sheen, you can use your imagination in using different flowers, greenery and creating a mixture of textures and colors to make an outstanding bouquet. Send flowers in North Sheen to your loved ones and see the flowers like beautiful smile on their faces!!


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