The Ultimate Guide to Picking out Your Bouquet!!

Bouquets are just the right accessory that creates a wonderful impact on a wedding day. It is a work of art, which is as exceptional as your personality and your sense of style.

Below are some of the important steps that must be followed in order to choose the right bouquets for your special event:

  • Selecting flowers: The best time to begin thinking about bridal flowers is as soon as you have selected your wedding gown and ceremony setting. Selecting flowers after deciding the ceremony setting will allow you to choose a bouquet that accords with the wedding’s mood and themes. You must consider all the aspects the bouquet, from its shape and size to its finishing accents such as ribbons. It is also vital to select the colours and types of flowers in order to set the tone for the perfect wedding party.


You can look through various sources such as magazines or different websites that can help you determine what appeals to you. For a perfect flower delivery in Petersham, you can choose between various floral arrangements including classic wedding flowers, bold contrasts, tailored or free-form arrangements, small blossoms, large or striking flowers. A professional florist inPetersham will suggest youto have a sample of colours and things you like the most that you want to be in for your wedding.


Fragrance is another most important element to be considered as it adds an extra dimension to a bouquet and awakens another sense.

  • Finding ideas: Details from the wedding are itself a great source of ideas. The details like location of your wedding, wedding gown, theme of wedding etc. will help you to choose just the right bouquet. Colour often plays the important role in deciding which floral arrangement to choose. You must opt for the colours that adore you the most and the shades that you would like to have in your reception decorations. Make sure that your bouquet reflects the same shades.

Furthermore, the wedding location is also an important inspiring factor for bouquet’s aesthetic. Different types of bouquets can be selected for different types of weddings. For instance, Trimmed stems with miniature shells would be best fit for a seaside wedding. On the other hand, Carrying sweet peas and larkspur in an exuberant tumble that signify the nature’s carefree style, is more suitable to garden wedding.

Most of the times, a decorative detail from your gown will help you to select a bouquet.

  • Tone of Wedding: The tone of your wedding could also help guide your bouquet style. Depending upon the tone, you can decide whether you want to have a formal floral arrangement or a casual one. The wedding florist in Petersham will be able to suggest you best floral arrangements. For instance traditional weddings often call for sophisticated compositions like structured forms, classic blooms and subdued colour palettes. On the other hand, casual events generally include generous armloads of flowers in a variety of colours.

  • Bouquet Styles: The variety of bridal flowers can be arranged in different styles. A bouquet style with perfect wedding flowers lets you have a picture-perfect wedding. The different styles may range from posy, teardrop, presentation, nosegay, rustic, crescent, pomander to basket.

Although, there is no strict rule to follow, however, you must avoid extremes that may appear unbalanced. Whatever bouquet you choose, it must complement the bride’s own proportions.

  • Treatment of stems: An attentive treatment of the stems can very well enhance the beauty of a bouquet. An experienced florist from flower shop inPetersham might keep the long stems and tie them with a simple bow for a casual outdoor ceremony. In order to provide a polished look, the stems of flowers can be trimmed and wrapped entirely in wide ribbon. Make certain that the ribbon must match the colours of the flowers or provide a nice contrast.

  • Seasonality: Buying or sending flowers in Petersham can be quite costly when they are not seasonal. Although, most of the flowers are available year-round from florists, they tend to be most affordable and best looking when in season. Importing flowers from some other place can be a costly affair.

So, if you are planning to have an outdoor summer wedding, make sure to choose blooms that can withstand the hot weather conditions.

  • Select a florist: After collecting all the ideas for your bouquet, it’s the time to find a florist. You must start your search well in advance at least six months before the wedding. Ask recommendations from your family, friends and recent brides.

Try to meet various candidates and ask to look at examples of each florist’s work in order to get an idea of whether his or her style and taste agree with yours.

To wrap up, with good ideas and proper planning, you can select the best breathtaking blossoms for your wedding day!!


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