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What You Don't Know About Shape of Your Bridal Bouquet, Explained!!

For every bride, a wedding gown is perhaps the most important thing that comes in different shapes and sizes. Each shape helps a bride to communicate a certain attitude and each emphasizes different features. The same thing holds true for bridal bouquets.

Bridal bouquets offered by wedding florist in Teddington are perhaps the most important accessory that a bride carries with her all around her wedding ceremony. Different types of bouquets will facilitate a bride say something different. However, make definite that the style of your dress copes with the approach of your bouquet.

Therefore, while deciding on the shape of your bridal bouquet, it is imperative to determine what exactly you are trying to convey. Whatever shape you choose, it should be able to get across your message. Using same kind of bouquet for different styles or feel may not work well as different bouquets convey different things.

Below is the list of different types of bouquets for different tones and feel of wedding:

  • Traditional look: Round bouquets are the perfect choice if you want to provide a traditional look to your wedding. Round bouquets are possibly the oldest and most traditional of all bouquet shapes offered in various flower shops in Teddington. They are extremely versatile that makes them a perfect selection for almost all wedding dress styles, brides, settings and levels of formality. This bouquet can be filled with multiple colours or a single shade with uniform flowers. Moreover, the circular arrangements are usually easy to make and allows for the round shape to be made larger or smaller depending on the bride’s desires and preferences. 

  • Relaxed Tone: Loose bouquets also known as organic or hand-tied bouquet offer a relaxed tone. A bunch of flowers tied with beautiful ribbons lends a feeling of relaxation and tranquillity. Furthermore, if you are having an outdoor venue or beach wedding, these bouquets are just the right choice for you.


  • Formal look: Crescent bouquets are perfect for formal weddings. These flower arrangements are generally favoured for their natural look. These are dramatic bouquets comprise of arching flowers and leaves that extend from the centre of the bouquet. Moreover, crescent bouquets are usually available in two types namely:

    • Symmetrical crescent: These types of bouquets feature a balanced look with arched flowers and leaves of the same length on both the sides.

    • Asymmetrical crescent: These bouquets display flowers and leaves of different lengths. One side of the bouquet is often longer than the other.

  • Flexible bouquets: Pageant bouquets are one of the most flexible bouquets that can be selected for formal as well as informal occasions. These bouquets are most preferred ones for flower delivery inTeddington. These bouquets are usually characterized by long stems that are set up in a way that the stems put down alongside the bride’s arm with the bunch of blossom heads close to her elbow. 

  • Plentiful appearance: In order to create a plentiful appearance, you can consider cascade bouquet. These bouquets resemble a waterfall due to the fact that the flowers generally spill out of the front of the bouquet. However, these kinds of bouquets require a lot of flowers to make the base a little bulky and let the flowers follow downwards. 

  • Oval bouquets: Oval bouquets are best suitable for big dresses. It looks great when comprised of two different shades. Thus, if a bride is wearing a big wedding dress, this bouquet can very well complement her appearance as compared to many other arrangements. 

  • Heart Bouquet:Sending flowers in Teddington in the form of heart bouquets as you can guess symbolize love and affection and are usually comprise of one colour. 

So, these are some of the popular bouquets that offer diverse tones and feel of wedding. Although, it’s your personal choice as your own tastes are significant, having a basic knowledge of what works good for the theme and budget you have chosen can do wonders. You can ask your florist in Teddington to provide you with useful ideas to make a best selection. 

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