Potted Plants

Potted Plants

Our range of long lasting potted plants is perfect for those with green fingers and is the ideal gift purchase. Versatile and hardy, we have plants for the garden and house plants that can all be delivered to you nationwide. Send a plant as a gift for birthday or as a token of appreciation.

  • Emerald Palm Emerald Palm

    Emerald Palm

      Emerald Palm The perfect indoor plant to set the difference. Easily recognised by its intense green leaves with a glossy sheen, this Zamioculcas AZamiifolia is a hugely versatile plant that just need a good spot without direct sunlight..…

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  • Dream in Mayfair Dream in Mayfair

    Dream in Mayfair

      Dream in Mayfair A gorgeous selection of indoor plants nicely arranged in a ceramic pot to set the difference. An earthy Croton plant beautifully complemented with the elegance of a Kentia and the joy of a Trailing Ivy. Note that the...…

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    Double Stemmed Pink Orchid

    Double Stemmed Pink Orchid

        Potted Pink Orchid A great baby girl gift with a large pink phalaenopsis orchid that’s been skilfully placed into a beautiful ceramic container. This is also an every day gift and a favourite of many. Ceramic container ma…

    MSRP: £49.00
    Was: £49.00
    Now: £39.99
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  • White Dendrobium

    White Dendrobium

        White Dendrobium Dendrobium orchids are second only to the phalaenopsis plants in terms of their popularity and are an excellent gift whenever needing to impress. This particular orchid comes in a glass tank vase that’s b…

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