The 5 Most Successful Bridal Bouquets and Wedding Flowers!!

In any wedding, a bridal bouquet is a must. It is a wonderful accessory comprise of beautiful bunch of flowers designed especially for the bride to carry all day long. Bouquets are such a beautiful accessory that whole wedding can be planned around that very special bunch of flowers.

However, there are a lot of bridal flower shops in Ham offering variety of styles that it becomes difficult to make a choice between wedding florists in Ham. Below is the list of top five popular bridal bouquets that are in trend:

  • Basket Bouquet: Basket bouquet is perfect for garden like wedding setting. Flowers are arranged in a beautifully shaped shallow basket, which is carried by the bride. Moreover, these baskets are also carried by flower girls and junior bridesmaids.
  • Posy Bouquet: This bouquet is usually small and round in shape and can easily be held in one hand. The posy bouquets are mainly available in two styles, namely:

          Loose, hand tied and unstructured

          Formal and wired


In this type of bouquets the flowers are arranged in a beautiful manner. The stems of flowers are removed and replaced with florists wire and constructed into a much lighter bunch of flowers with easy to hold handle. 

  • Fan Bouquet: This kind of bouquets usually has a lacy plastic fan attached with bunch of flowers. This style reminds of the Victorian Era and is much popular for old-fashioned vintage style wedding. 
  • Cascading Bouquet: These bouquets were initially referred to as shower bouquets. Cascading bouquets are generally roundish at the top and pointy at the bottom. These are one of the most formal and most traditional bouquets that are designed to spill gracefully over the bride’s hands. Moreover, as this bouquet flows downwards, it gives out a sophisticated and stylized look. The best thing about these bouquets is that almost any flower can be used in this style. 
  • Crescent Bouquet: These bouquets are an individualist representation of the bride’s personality. They are true floral art and usually appear in the form of a quarter moon or a soft curve. Various flowers most popularly orchids are used with definite shapes and are wired together to form a slender handle that can easily be hold in one hand.

So, these are some of the most popular bridal bouquets that are in trend these days. Furthermore, when it comes to choosing the best flower delivery in Ham, many famous florist in Ham recommends below mentioned flowers for 2014 brides:

Tulips: In spring time, tulips can be availed at a great price as they are available in abundance at this time of year. These flowers are perfect for wedding flower designs as their beautiful colours and elegant lines allows you to create a variety of styles. Brides can choose soft pink and nude tones bouquets.

Lilac: This is another most beautiful spring wedding flower. Lilac brings a touch of romantic symbolism to the wedding designs. It usually appears as a tiny, delicate clustered flower heads together with wonderful scent. Moreover, these beautiful flowers available in an assortment of stunning shadessuch as deep purple blues, soft lilacs, pinks, white etc that can match well with diverse colour schemes.

Viburnum opulus: These flowers are also known as Guelder rose and considered as hugely versatile material for floral designs. Its bright, lime green colour adds brightness and beauty to a bouquet. Moreover, it works well with different types of flowers for weddings. It is usually large in size and in round form that makes it a good filler and addition to large scale displays such as pots, pedestals and urns.

Clematis: Clematis is one of the most suitable flowers for candelabra and garland designs. They look pretty in trailing bouquets, bridal bouquets and wild wedding reception designs. Furthermore, these wedding flowers come in a variety of shades including blues, purples and pinks. There is even a large-flowered white variety known as Wedding Day that has a plain green band on every flower petal and prominent dark pink anthers.

Ranunculus: These types of flower designs are best suitable for romantic wedding designs. In recent years, these flowers have gained a lot of popularity. These are extremely delicate and multi-petalled flowers mostly available in shades of pure white, palest of pinks, bright yellows, oranges, red and even deep burgundy. These flowers appear magnificent by themselves, but work evenly well with a range of other spring wedding flowers also.

So, when it comes to buying or sending flowers in Ham, you can consider the above mentioned flowers and bouquets. 

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