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Due to the relatively small size of the design, we further decided to install two arrangements per table. The team hit on the idea of two different sized candelabras for each table, one tall and one shorter, to give the venue a sense of equilibrium and order. Though this risked off-balancing the tables, we went ahead with the plan and matched the roses with dangling crystals to add some volume and a slight 1920”s feel to the occasion. Combing with this, the planned low-level lighting helped to create a certain sense of mystery while purple background lighting worked to bring out the rich texture of the roses and suggest a sense of luxury. As a symbol of passion, the simple but exuberant rose designs were ideally suited to the requirements of this event and the clients were delighted with the overall atmosphere of the event and the part our arrangements had to play in this. All of these choices culminated in the darkly mysterious, almost sensual feel of the event that pulled focus onto the couple themselves. Without large decorations to distract from the main event, the newlyweds could bask in the attention of their guests while the roses and crystals subtly hinted at the opulence and extravagance that was to be the driving theme.


The beautiful white roses, the symmetrical positioning and the elegant finishes touches are all exquisite flourishes tat belie a wonderfully simple and delicate design. Though the space is crowded, the flowers do not vie for attention, nor do they compete with the candles and other objects for dominance. Using three different types of vase – the fish bowl, tall wine glass and the hanging fish bowl – the arrangements fill the space to create a sense of layering and texture, with some of the roses raised towards eye-level, drawing the guests to view the central orchids with their hanging buds and large, exotic flowers. In terms of contrast, it is difficult to imagine two more opposing flowers, however arranged side-by-side, the perceived clash between the traditional and the modern turns out to be a rather harmonious interplay that adds to the overall impact. Our team of events florists are always ready to assist in any enquiries and can either work to a specific set of requirements or, alternatively, offer clients advice on choosing styles and colours to suit every wedding party, be it formal or informal, indoor or staged somewhere more wild. We are always happy to assist in decisions that are some of the most difficult and daunting during the planning of a wedding, and we can use or many years of experience in the diverse London market to ensure that the big day is as exceptional and beautiful as it can be.


In a divergence from our usual practices and techniques, we were asked by a couple to produce a gastronomically influenced and inspired set of table decorations that would reflect their love of all things food related.

For a touch of drama and a theatrical statement we filled re-cycled jam jars with lemon slices before topping the design with bold white hydrangeas. The affect, with the bright yellow skin of the lemons submerged in water and seeming to sprout the hydrangeas is both unusual and in keeping with our brief. The unusual texture and look of the lemons is reflected in the other choices of flowers in the design, with yellow carnations providing balance and a few sprigs of rosemary continuing the themes and also letting of a delicate scene redolent of summer and the countryside.

The distinctly bohemian, pastoral feel was specified by the clients who were looking for a style reminiscent of county fair, with natural colours and simple, loosely tied arrangements. A certain kind of festival atmosphere was to be achieved with fairy lights, hessian table runners and small tea-light candles. To this, we finished our re-purposed vases with hand-tied straw bows to reinforce the thematic goals while also adding another layer of texture to the displays.

Though more informal in look and feel, there is nothing left to chance. Our team worked hard to re-create a relaxed and down-to-earth aesthetic combing elements that are not usually associated with our industry, proving, we hope, that whatever challenge is thrown our way, we have the versatility and experience to produce stunning bridal arrangements every time.

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