Luxury Collection

Our Luxury Collection is a definite cut above all competition and brings you the most beautiful, hand tied and individually designed floral bouquets on the market. Selected from the finest flowers fresh brought in from our suppliers around the globe, these stunning arrangements are in a league all of their own.

  • Angie's Blooms

    Angie's Blooms


        Angie's Blooms A strikingly beautiful flower arrangement, including pink Hara rose roses, bright sunflowers, purple nigella, astilbe, lisianthus, eucalyptus cinerea, hypericum berries and the ever wanted coral peonies. Designed in...

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  • Appian Way

    Appian Way


        Appian Way If you’re new to Ivvo’s work, this bouquet of flowers is a great introduction to this rising star of floral design. Here he has used orange asclepias, hypericum berries, daisies, green viburnum and burnt...

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  • Avenue Q

    Avenue Q


        Avenue Q The stark contrasts between the certain flowers altogether create for one magical bouquet of flowers and the combinations are simply voluptuously and strikingly beautiful.   The bouquet includes red...

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  • Broadway



        Broadway Let the show continue we say with this luxurious edition of stunning and huge phalaenopsis orchids and hydrangeas in a handmade cylinder glass vase. When one needs to impress – we definitely recommend this...

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  • Chisholm Trail

    Chisholm Trail


        Chisholm Trail This luxury flower arrangement was designed very much with the view of emulating the great Chisholm Trail itself with the wonderful phalaenopsis orchids forming a trail of sorts as they come out of their beautiful...

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  • El Camino

    El Camino


        El Camino A stunning design that comes in a glass fishbowl vase and is adorned with two of our favourite flowers in roses and hydrangeas. With trailing ivy and salix twigs, it creates for a magical centrepiece that is sure to adorn...

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  • Fifth Avenue

    Fifth Avenue


    Fifth Avenue When it comes to luxury shopping, it just doesn’t get better than Fifth Avenue. In trying to emulate such opulence, our wonderful head designer has come up with a more elegant design in the shape of a dome of some the finest roses...

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  • J Street

    J Street


        J Street We simply love this luxury hand tied bouquet of flowers. Fresh and full of hope, elegance and sophistication – it is a perfect ‘Thank You’ gift and will never fail to satisfy the lucky recipient. The...

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  • Madison Avenue

    Madison Avenue


        Madison Avenue An elegant mix of flowers that includes scabiosa, astranthia and cream garden roses. A natural mix of flowers that simply flows and comes together harmoniously. A great gift for a great friend reminding them just how...

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  • Melrose Place

    Melrose Place


        Melrose Place A birthday flower bouquet in a vase, designed with the very best flowers and foliages available that include ‘Red Naomi’ roses, blue nigellas, red hypericums, orange asclepias, green dill, bombastic spray...

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  • Newbury



        Newbury The hand tied bouquet includes ocean song roses, pale pink dahlias, white nigellas, pink astilbe, white cow parsley, peach hypericums, astranthia and many other luxury and seasonal foliages. A favourite of many of our own...

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  • Ocean Drive

    Ocean Drive


        Ocean Drive Exceptional bouquet with yellow pin cushions, amnesia roses, white trachelium, white astilbe, blue nigella, blue scabious and alchamilla mollis. The bouquet should do everything but work and yet it works so beautifully...

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  • Park Avenue

    Park Avenue


        Park Avenue Another typically brilliant hand tied bouquet by Ivvo. Using only the best quality English and ‘Avalanche’ roses, daisies, as well as trachelium and variegated pittospurum foliages he has truly come up...

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  • Primrose



        Primrose A dome like no other one might say. Nestled beautifully on a hand made clear glass fishbowl is the collection of some of the most stunning ‘sweet avalanche’ roses available. A designer touch is brought to the...

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  • Route 66

    Route 66


        Route 66 Another vibrant collection from a master craftsman delightfully packed with the most delicious flowers available and these include yellow ‘Kangaroo paws’, hot chocolate calla lilies, daises, cream lisianthus,...

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  • Strand



        Strand Another eclectic tic mix of flowers and luxury foliages that include hydrangea, celosia, roses, pincushions, viburnum berries and guelder roses in  a jug. This is a beautiful ‘country side’ and a rustic...

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  • The Ridgeway

    The Ridgeway


        The Ridgeway A flower arrangement made to impress. An exclusive selection of superb blooms of fresh hydrangeas and the ever classic cascading orchid beautifully arranged in a luxury glass vase. We operate a seven day...

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  • Wilts and Berts

    Wilts and Berts


        Wilts and Berts A vintage offering in a rustic jug with blue hydrangea, guelder roses, vuvuzela roses, peach hypericum, cherry brandy roses, white nigellas and white bouvardias. This is a great flower arrangement for just about any...

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