Only You
£190.00 42nd Street

An elegant, but striking mix of ‘Deep Water’ and ‘Miss Piggy’ roses with fragrant rosemary and pittosporum foliages . This is a striking bouquet of flowers that...

Only You
£210.00 St Germain

Included are some of the very best roses we have on offer and they are peach ’avalanche’ roses, ‘sweet avalanche’ roses, white ‘avalanche’ roses ‘bombastic’ spray roses.

Only You
£210.00 Primrose

A dome like no other one might say. Nestled beautifully on a hand made clear glass fishbowl is the collection of some of the most stunning ‘sweet avalanche’ roses available.

crisp and fresh
£110.00 Rue de Rivoli

Our head designer must have been reminiscing of France and their beautiful country side when creating this stunning bouquet of flowers in a hand made clear glass fishbowl.

red flowers bouquet

An eclectic mix of inspiring flowers that include red pin cushions, trailing red amaranthus, dill, vandella roses, burgundy carnations and pink hydrangea.

neutral hand tied
£85.00 Madison Avenue

An elegant mix of flowers that includes scabiosa, astranthia and cream garden roses. A natural mix of flowers that simply flows and comes together harmoniously.

orange and green bouquet
£100.00 Appian Way

If you’re new to Ivvo’s work, this bouquet of flowers is a great introduction to this rising star of floral design. Here he has used orange asclepias, hypericum berries...

lilac yellow and blue flowers
£100.00 Ocean Drive

Upon reading some of the flower lists used by Ivvo for our luxury menus, our florists had a bit of a chuckle and this one is no exception with yellow pin cushions...

blue flowers in a vase
£99.00 Abbey Road

The floral design world is very much like the world of the fashion industry where designs and styles enter in and out of the popular sphere. Keeping up with these trends...

kangaroo paw flowers bouquet
£75.00 Route 66

Another vibrant collection from a master craftsman delightfully packed with the most delicious flowers available and these include yellow ‘Kangaroo paws’...

pink base flower arrangement
£135.00 Melrose Place

A birthday flower bouquet in a vase, designed with the very best flowers and foliage available that include ‘Red Naomi’ roses, blue nigellas, red hypericums...

hydrangea fruit basket
£85.00 Blue Ridge

After many request and popular demand from some of our most loyal customers, we had finally decided to combine some great flowers and fruits together in a basket.

luxury roses hand tied
£150.00 Lovers Lane

A classic bouquet of the most sumptuous ‘sweet avalanche’ roses available. Designed in a contemporary dome shape with absolutely no other flowers or foliage within it.

stunning roses bouquet
£99.00 St Michael

Another elegant bouquet hand tied with luxury roses only and without any other flowers or foliages. These ‘Glow’ Colombian roses are some of Ivvo’s favourites...

pink base flower arrangement
£275.00 Broadway

Let the show continue we say with this luxurious edition of stunning and huge phalaenopsis orchids and hydrangeas in a handmade cylinder glass vase.

100 red roses
£500.00 Boulevard Reds

What a lovely thing a rose is and what a lovely thing 101, or even a 1001 roses could be, one could not imagine. Or maybe one could with the latest edition of luxury...

roses and hydrangea
£170.00 El Camino

A stunning design that comes in a glass fishbowl vase and is adorned with two of our favourite flowers in roses and hydrangeas. With trailing ivy and salix twigs, it creates..

£75.00 Carnaby Street

One would do well not to reminisce of English country side with this luxurious bouquet of flowers. With huge blue delphiniums, white hydrangeas and white roses...

birds of paradise
£175.00 Col de Turini

Not for the faint hearted one would say. With an exciting mix of strong colours and tropical flowers, this is certainly a slightly more different type of an arrangement.

roses and ivy
£525.00 Penny Lane

Penny Lane, another stupendous edition to the luxury bouquets by Ivvo. Using only the finest stems of the longest ‘Red Naomi’ roses available, a wonder to behold has truly...

roses and hydrangea
£110.00 Strand

Another eclectic tic mix of flowers and luxury foliages that include hydrangea, celosia, roses, pincushions, viburnum berries and guelder roses in a jug. This is a beautiful...

purples reds and blues
£120.00 Avenue Q

A stunning selection of flowers designed in a hand tied bouquet by the maestro that is Ivvo. The stark contrasts between the certain flowers altogether create for one...

birds of paradise
£99.00 Wilts and Berts

A vintage offering in a rustic jug with blue hydrangea, guelder roses, vuvuzela roses, peach hypericum, cherry brandy roses, white nigellas and white bouvardias.

pastel flowers
£95.00 Newbury

Take a trip down the memory lane with this classic and vintage offering from our head floral designer Ivvo. The hand tied bouquet includes ocean song roses, pale pink...

white and green bouquet
£90.00 J Street

We simply love this luxury hand tied bouquet of flowers. Fresh and full of hope, elegance and sophistication – it is a perfect ‘Thank You’ gift and will never fail to satisfy...

vibrant bouquet
£75.00 Vibrant Bouquet

A stunning selection of flowers designed in a hand tied bouquet by the maestro that is Ivvo. The stark contrasts between the certain flowers altogether create for one...

colourful bouquet
£90.00 Canalasso

A sublime piece of floristry with this ‘little’ hand tied piece that combines the red pin cushions, red bouvardia, ananas pineapple flowers, orange asclepiad and yellow...

cream and white bouquet
£100.00 Park Avenue

Another typically brilliant hand tied bouquet by Ivvo. Using only the best quality English and ‘Avalanche’ roses, daisies, as well as trachelium and variegated pittospurum.

red and pink bouquet
£150.00 French Quarter

The bouquet is named after the original settlement of New Orleans with the same name. It is said that so much of what makes New Orleans unique is captured within this...

vibrant bouquet
£99.00 Pall Mall

London’s Pall Mall is said to offer the perfect combination of elegance, first class service and is often referred to as an unparalleled backdrop to many an event.

colourful bouquet
£99.00 Mohawk Trail

A perfect bouquet for a new baby boy. Hand tied with blue hydrangea, champagne ‘Vandella’ rose, ‘Green Tea’ rose, cow parsley, green alchamilla and white nigella.

white flowers bouquet

It is said that one can feel the history of Hollywood with the atmosphere of the real Mulholland Drive. We think of our bouquet in quite the similar term and is where our...

orchid fishbowl
£120.00 Chisholm Trail

This luxury flower arrangement was designed very much with the view of emulating the great Chisholm Trail itself with the wonderful phalaenopsis orchids forming a trail...

red fruit basket
£120.00 Calle Estafeta

Take a trip down the memory lane with this classic and vintage offering from our head floral designer Ivvo. The hand tied bouquet includes ocean song roses, pale pink...

all for love roses
£300.00 Fifth Avenue

When it comes to luxury shopping, it just doesn't get better than Fifth Avenue. In trying to emulate such opulence, our wonderful head designer has come up with a more...

orchids and hydrangea
£180.00 The Ridgeway

Hydrangea bouquet

centerpiece arrangement
£250.00 Merritt

A great gift to those celebrating their anniversary, newlyweds, or the newly engaged. The sublime flower arrangement includes the best white ‘Avalanche’ roses.

vase flower arrangement
£150.00 Grand Avenue

A grand bouquet of flowers in every sense of the word. It comes fully and expertly designed in a handmade, clear glass vase and it includes the most amazing, and slightly...

vase flower arrangement
£110.00 Champs Elysees

We love the hydrangea here at Flower Station and using so many different ones to accomplish an astonishing flower bouquet is a great feat in our opinion.

Luxury Flowers by Flower Station

When you decide to send luxury flowers to your loved one by using Flower Station, you can relax in knowledge that our London florists are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of florist services. Moreover as we use our own flower delivery vehicles, it is virtually guaranteed that your flowers will not only arrive fresh, but in just the same way as when they left our florist shops. All our bouquets, baskets, hand ties and the like are delivered by hand and we never intend to change this. We believe that supplying luxury flowers to London and the rest of UK is something that we do better than others and we continually keep improving the ways of designing and are always trying to upgrade the way our products look, the times when they are delivers and how long they last. We understand that sometimes our techniques may only add another half a day to the shelf life of particular luxury flower, but it is half a day more that our luxury gifts get to be enjoyed by our esteemed customers and often it is remarked on how well our flowers tend to last – trick being that not only are they fresh, but always very well looked after even when they are with us for only a very short period of time. Although we believe that we have a good section of luxury London flowers on offer, you can always decide to give your London florist a call and choose a different style, colour, and different blooms too in a bouquet, or a flower vase of your choice. Flower Station, London, is also open 24 hours a day as we realize that many of our overseas customers are simply on a different time scale to the rest of us in the UK and as the number of these customers had grown, so did our desire to serve them in as professional manner as possible. To this we have added many five star hotels, casinos and bars, whose clientele and staff are also sometimes best served at different hours in a day. We think that our luxury flowers have secured a name for themselves over the past ten years in the city of London, so much so that we have witnessed our business grow from strength to strength as more and more people turn to buying luxury flowers from our online shop, or indeed from one of London florist shops. We believe that it is due to this popularity that we can afford to have a mass of flowers in our shops at any one time and be able to serve just about any customer with as ridiculous an order as they can pretty much imagine. So whether you’re after 50 tulips, 50, 500 or even a 1000 roses – you can relax in the knowledge that Flower Station will probably stock them.

Meet The Designer

When designing beautiful hand tied bouquets and designer flowers to send to your loved ones we do so with utter passion only a family business can provide. We do not believe in ‘shares’ and hierarchical structures of big companies, instead our luxury florist is owned by a family of passionate florists who consider all working within it as part of one big family. We love designing luxury bouquets by using fresh roses with sensationally long stems and big heads, freesias and lilies with amazing fragrance and hydrangeas with largest heads and most interesting colours imaginable. We believe that when you need to order luxury floral gifts and spectacular bouquets, that you should look no further than Flower Station, a London luxury florist. Our luxury flowers also come expertly wrapped in cellophane and tissue paper, each chosen to suit the particular mix of flowers and colours in the bouquet itself. All luxury London bouquets are than tied with ribbon and water is added to make for an aqua pack that is placed in the black bouquet Flower Station bag afterwards- all to ensure the flowers arrive in sparkling condition. To ensure that you luxury gift remains fresh for as long as possible we would recommend that water is changed on a regular basis and, if at all possible, the stems should also be cut, at an angle, every second day or so. Like one company’s slogan says – every little helps, and in this case it really does. All the stunning hand-tied bouquets in Flower Station’s luxury section are always available on our same day delivery to London and we mean always. You can order your luxury London flowers by 1800 and still get a same day flower delivery in London – seven days a week. We think our luxury flower service in London is second to none and can even make sure that your flowers arrive within three hours of you ordering them, in London only.

Ethical Sourcing

Flower Station provides luxury flower gifts to London and across the UK. We are capable of sending any luxury bouquet on offer, or a bespoke arrangement when needed, on the very same day and very late on in the day too. Flower Station specializes in sending luxury flower gifts in London whenever an order is placed before 1800 on any given day. Our London florist is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and our London stores are always full of beautiful blooms with daily deliveries arriving from Holland’s flower growers. At Flower Station's London shops we believe in keeping our luxury gifts seasonal and will always mix the suitable flowers together, never ever compromising on their quality or indeed freshness. At Flower Station, luxury florist, we also love English blooms and, whenever in season, we look to mix these luxury flowers in our bouquet designs whenever possible. We are also extremely proud to have worked and keep working on many luxury weddings in London, events and indeed for quite a few famous London businesses and private clients alike.

Delivery Information

Flower Station delivery service is available on following days:

Monday to Sunday in London

Same day delivery is available on all orders placed by 6 PM. Should you need an earlier or later delivery time other than the delivery operating hours please call us and we will help make the necessary arrangements. Generally if we do receive the order in advance we can, most of the times, fulfil such requests. These request can incur an extra charge depending on the distance

Tuesday to Saturday rest of UK

For all Nationwide deliveries, other than London, we use an overnight courier to deliver the flowers. Cut off time for next day delivery is 4 PM. Should you need a same day delivery outside of London please do get in touch and we can source a local florist on your behalf who will execute the order

Contact Us

If you are not sure which bouquet or flower arrangement to choose, why not call us and speak to one of our talented florists who will be able to talk you through different options available. You are able to customize the preferred bouquets and add or take away certain flowers. Our flagship flower shop stocks, at all times, some of the largest selections of fresh cut flowers.

You can speak to our florists on 020 7724 7525 at any time day or night. Alternatively you may send us an email to :

Collect From Our Flower Shop

If you are in a hurry or passing one of Flower Station or our sister company shops, then you can place your order with us and collect the flowers in person. Please allow up to 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the bouquet, prior to collecting your flowers