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Boasting such happy and cheerful colours, the gerbera are perfect gifts when needing to cheer up somebody. However having become such a popular flower, they are also perfect for other occasions such as birthday, thank you, new baby, thinking of you and many others. The gerbera was first discovered in 1884 in Barberton, South Africa and thereafter named after a German naturalist Traugott Gerber. However it was only with the breeding processes that begun in England in 1890 that the quality of this flower was greatly improved. The flower was soon noticed by the Dutch growers and today, along with Columbia, they remain the primary distributors of this magnificent flower.


All our gerbera are grown in Holland where they are grown all year round and as they are delivered directly to us from growers their freshness is virtually guaranteed. To optimise and capitalise even more on such facts, here are a few pointers to give your fresh flowers an even longer vase life. Upon receiving your flowers cut off the stems at a steep angle. Do not let the newly cut stems get dry and make sure to add stems into the water shortly afterwards. If possible leave the flowers in a cool dark room thereafter for a couple of hours to gain as much strength and reach optimum condition. As always, temperature is key and we would strongly recommend not placing your flowers anywhere near direct sunlight or in a particularly warm room. Bear in mind – gerbera are a thirsty flower and checking up on water levels, as well as adding water solution, will inevitably help an enormous lot.