Flower Delivery

Same day or named day service is available in London with next day delivery for the rest of the UK. 24 Hour service is available in London only.

Delivery London

London Delivery

Mon - Sat: Order before 6 PM (UK time) for same day flower delivery.
Sunday: Order before 6 PM (UK time) for same day flower delivery.

Our deliveries start from 09:00 AM Monday to Sunday.

Delivery 3 Hours

London Delivery -
Next Three Hours

Mon - Sat: Order before 6 PM (UK time) for London delivery in the next three hours.
Sunday Flowers: Order before 6 PM (UK time) for London Sunday flower delivery in the next three hours.

Nationwide Delivery

Nationwide Flower
Delivery (UK only)

Tues- Sat: Order before 3PM (UK time) the previous day for next day flower delivery.
Sunday and Monday: Sorry, Sunday or Monday flower delivery is currently not possible, even for orders placed on an earlier day.

International Delivery

International Delivery

We can help you with any international delivery. Just get in touch with our customer service team and we will find the best option for you.

Email or
contact us on +44 (0) 20 7724 7525

When Flower Station started out, back in 2002, the truth is we did not deliver flowers to our local area, let alone the general area of London, not to speak of the United Kingdom. We were a small family florist with only a couple of people working a lot of hours. As the popularity of the shop grew, so did our capability to deliver the flowers and as our flower delivery fleet got bigger; so did the area we deliver the flowers to and eventually we started covering the whole of the London area, or everything inside the M25.

Eventually, or quite frankly, as we got bigger we have not only managed to cover the whole M25 area, but we have also added additional benefits to our customers, such as not just delivering on the same day, but being able to, at first, accept orders for the same day delivery by 3pm and eventually all the way up to 6pm. We felt that the demand was such that we also had to extend out flower delivery services to Sundays as, of course, everyone´ birthday falls on a Sunday every seven years for one and there are numerous other occasions when Sundays become quite important and we have certainly witnessed as much over the years. It is not an easy task, but it is certainly the one we have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy and progress in, always trying to find better ways of delivering flowerswhether that sometimes means faster, or making sure to get the flowers over to our customers that are as fresh as is possible; it is all of the same value to us, as long as our customers benefit from it. One of the last additional ways of delivering is our 3 hour flower delivery guarantee, whenever one picks this option of course, that will see your flowers fly out of our London florist quicker than one may imagine as your flowers get priority bookings both with our florists and our drivers. For the last minute shoppers, we hope that this is music to your ears.

For those of you that are late night shoppers, we will remind you that our main florist shop near Baker Street in NW1 is actually a driver through florist that´ open a massive 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although we do not have any of our own flower delivery drivers working at the night time hours, or late evening hours, though we cannot promise that this will always be the case, customers have called in many times and still do and have placed orders that are than sent out by cabs, or with private deliveries arranged. We cannot promise that we will always deliver during the nighttimes, but do give us a call and we will promise to do our very best to accommodate any request - he bigger the better - only joking!

A great thing working inside our flower studio and our office is that we just do not receive many calls with queries as to our deliveries. Mostly, because we have a great team of drivers who very rarely, very, get there slightly late and because our flowers are so fresh that they will almost always satisfy even the hardiest of souls. We think that our flower delivery fleet is so well organised and efficient that we should probably be paid to give advice to the TfL, or at least sit on the board - we´re not even joking! Try out our flowers and our service and let us know how you fared with either a late night, or a Sunday delivery - everything else is too easy.

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