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It is estimated that the roses have roots going back about 35 million years, and through time roses have evolved into the most favoured flower in possibly the world. Along with the cultivation of this mesmerizing flower, which was around 5000 years ago, began the cultivation of many stories involving the roses. In the ancient Greek and Roman times the roses started to become more precisely the symbols of love and beauty. Which is possibly why it was sacred to a number of goddesses like Isis and Aphrodite, as well as being used as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Nowadays a bouquet of red roses is often used to show true love. In the UK, as well as in many other countries, roses are a main Valentine Day gift. The rose is also a national flower of England and the United States and roses are also used as an emblem of the Rugby Football Union.


Proper rose care is absolutely essential, if your roses flower gift is to remain as beautiful and fresh for as long as possible. And though your favourite London florist will make sure that the roses delivered are always fresh, roses should never be left without water. Changing the water regularly and using a clean vase will help, as it gets rid of a lot of bacteria that harms your roses. When putting the roses back in the water remember to slant cut the stems, as this unclogs the pores and enables the flower to bring in more nutrients. Cut flower food is also essential as it provides the extra nutrients in water that will further help nourish the rose and prolong its vase life.

Customizing your roses order and delivery of your roses

Should you wish to order roses from us, you can rest assured your roses will be fresh and beautifully arranged. You can choose from roses gift wraps to roses bouquets or even our lovely roses basket designs. All roses are available for same day roses delivery or next day roses delivery. Sending rose made easy whatever the occasion.

Choice of colours and value for money

Here at Flower Station we offer all different varieties of roses and colours of roses, be it pink roses, yellow roses, blue roses, red roses, orange roses, we have them and should you not be able to find the ideal roses gift on our website then why not give us a call and we will be more than happy to help. Roses delivered with care and quality guaranteed. Cheap roses delivery by Flower Station. Your favourite florist.