Corporate Office Plants

Weekly plant rental and maintenance corporate service is now available at Flower Station

Our Plants For Office Service

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Plants for Offices in London

Completing an office with potted plants can prevent dead-space and with it prevent a lack-luster or boring perception of the area. With some large, dominating succulents in gray vases, this hallway is filled out and provided with a texture and focus that would otherwise be absent. Now, the space seems to have a direction and purpose, a sophistication and elegance that would be missing without the plants. Here at Flower Station, it is always our aim to bring you and your colleagues fresh, beautiful plants that are suited to every particular location and budget. Rustic or sleek, low-key or executive business, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help you choose the right plants for your office. We provide a range of options and offer hassle-free quotations from one of our experienced staff, so if you are after something bright and breezy to light up your communal areas of something more reserved and neutral for a lobby or waiting room, make Flower Station your first call. We are always ready to assist new clients in picking the right plants and can always help our existing customers if they ever need to change or replace plants.


Indoor Plants for Offices

Corporate spaces often suffer from a sense of airlessness that is not conducive to a positive working environment or productivity. Here at Flower Station, we aim to bring every office that we provide plants for a sense of much needed peace and tranquility. Only a natural and well placed and maintained plant can bring a feeling of vitality and serenity to a building that otherwise may suffer from a suffocating claustrophobia. Not only this, the advantages of potted indoor plants for an office environment offer the added virtue of style and, importantly, balance. In this example, the planted shrubs provide an element of colour while the vase arrangement draws attention to the seating configuration and the utilitarian function of the area. In a relativity open space such as this, some larger plants are viable and work to cover some of the space that would otherwise be left empty, allowing for an even and balanced composition. Our team and access and recommend not only the plants they deem suitable for a particular area, but also the areas they believe would benefit from a indoor plant.


Large Office Plants

It is often valuable to populate the more informal spaces within offices - places where employees congregate for discussion and down-time - with plants or shrubs are they offer a certain element of decoration and shading to what might otherwise be a blank and bland environment. This lounge area benefits from a large potted shrub and table vase that both breathe life into the area – physically and metaphorically – allowing for a more complete feel and less barren look. What we aim to do for all our clients is maximize the possibilities a room or office has to offer, using plants to energise and invigorate spaces. Along with the plants themselves, we can provide a full service of instillation and maintenance, with florists available weekdays and weekends to tend to the plants, keeping them looking prim and healthy all year round. With our service we can offer free consultations and advice on what plants will suit which locations and, no matter where you are located across the capital, we will deliver direct to you, hassle-free and on time. You no longer need worry about the stifling office atmosphere or the prospect of an airless glass bubble, Flower Station is on hand to help lift your office into a more tranquil and ultimately, a happier place.


For a consciously professional space, we chose to install two large, flat leaf shrubs in subtle and understated white pots. Owing to the importance of the boardroom environment, we felt a more neutral and distinctly less distracting kind of arrangement was the most suitable and decided on a large, but not overbearing species of shrub. We have a distinctive range of plants and flowers available and with the expertise of our florists, we can provide the initial consultation and long term care all in one place. Years of experience have allowed us to narrow down the most hardy, reliable, indoor plants that will not only last well in the office environment, but bring life and vibrancy to spaces. Our Flower Station service guarantees a quality of professional installation and upkeep combined with the most freshly sourced plants available, all at competitive prices. We are a one-stop-shop for all commercial plant and flower requirements, we will assess and offer plant-based solutions for every environment across the capital and deliver to your door. We have every angle covered and the feedback from our clients is testimony enough to the positive effect of our plants on the atmosphere of business properties. So, whether it is is a shrub or indoor tree, potted plants or orchids, look no further than Flower Station.


Some offices suffer from a mass of dead space, areas with limited functional use and no aesthetic value that drain the environment of life. These spaces are, more often than not, corridors or foyers; places people pass through but add no ambiance to the area. With some simple potted plants, however, a space can be renewed with a quiet and subtle tranquility, the plants calling to mind a natural landscape outside that of the office. Through the placement of some large potted shrubs and trees, the empty expanse of this corridor is immediately converted into a more pleasant and well defined area. Our professional fleet of drivers can deliver and install these beautiful potted plants anywhere in London while our trained florists will be on hand to regularly maintain the shrubs, ensuring their lasting quality and longevity. Our headquarters in Marylebone is open 24-7 and is always contactable via phone or email, so whenever you need to arrange a consultation or a delivery, we are on hand to deal with any requests. Whether you are looking for a series of commercial vases, large potted olive trees or some small orchid plants, are friendly staff can help you in every aspect of your order.


Sometimes, clashes and contrast provide a good working theme and for this particular client at a start-up web design business, we were tasked with bringing a splash of colour to the overwhelmingly white pallet of the reception area. In fulfilling this brief our team decided on a cascading orchid and orange Anthurium. Though the orchid is itself white, the flashes of colour at the centre of the blossoms act as enablers for the rest of the space, bouncing off the burning orange of the Anthurium, creating vivid splashes of colour streaking across the clinical white background of the desk and walls. This kind of contrast no only adds an element of life and vivacity to the space for the staff, but will provide a more inviting and contemporary feel for any customers entering the building as well. The overall feeling of the space is definitely modern in feel without being at all intimidating, the sense of life the plants bring to the room, especially being at eye-level, is undeniable and a marked improvement on the area previously. We received largely positive feedback from the client particularly from the receptionists who spent most of their working day in close proximity to the plants. They noted the improved ambiance of the space and enjoyed not only the stark contrasts but the added warmth that the bright Anthurium offered against the dominating whites and grays.