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5 Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

5 Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

Posted by Flower Station on 30th Jun 2021

As one of the finest London florists, we at Flower Station, have gained experience in making wedding flower ideas of our clients come to life. Our in-place wedding specialists are qualified and ent … read more

3 Easy Ways to Preserve Your Flowers

18th Feb 2021

Everybody knows that flowers need water to stay fresh longer. However, if you want to preserve your bridal bouquet or a birthday bloom for months or years, you have to do the opposite - dry them ou … read more

5 Flowers to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

17th Jan 2021

The history of Mother’s Day is a modern one and it is a counterpart of Father’s Day. It was believed that Greeks themselves had celebrated this day in some form, but there is no actual proof to sup … read more

Best Flowers to Give for a Birthday

Posted by Ms. Cohen on 4th Nov 2020

Birthday: when it’s someone’s birthday, you want to give them something to make them smile and feel special as each birthday is an occasion and a day to be celebrated. However, it is not always c … read more
How to Care for Hydrangeas

How to Care for Hydrangeas

Posted by Lilly Rose on 24th Mar 2020

How to Care for Hydrangeas A staple of the English garden, the hydrangea is a dramatic, almost theatrical flower equally at home in beautiful solo bouquets such as the example pictured above, or … read more
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