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3 Easy Ways to Preserve Your Flowers

18th Feb 2021

Everybody knows that flowers need water to stay fresh longer. However, if you want to preserve your bridal bouquet or a birthday bloom for months or years, you have to do the opposite - dry them ou … read more

5 Flowers to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

17th Jan 2021

The history of Mother’s Day is a modern one and it is a counterpart of Father’s Day. It was believed that Greeks themselves had celebrated this day in some form, but there is no actual proof to suppor … read more

Best Flowers to Give for a Birthday

Posted by Ms. Cohen on 4th Nov 2020

Birthday: when it’s someone’s birthday, you want to give them something to make them smile and feel special as each birthday is an occasion and a day to be celebrated. However, it is not always c … read more
Orchid Flower Arrangements For Offices

Orchid Flower Arrangements For Offices

Posted by Lilly Rose on 24th Mar 2020

A dazzling floral arrangement can do wonders in the workplace and invigorate an otherwise bland environment. We’ve all been there: worn carpets, whitewashed plasterboard, breeze-block partitio … read more
Hydrangea Care 101

Hydrangea Care 101

Posted by Lilly Rose on 24th Mar 2020

A staple of the English garden, the hydrangea is a dramatic, almost theatrical flower equally at home in beautiful solo bouquets such as the example pictured above, or as part of mixed arrange … read more
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