23rd Sep 2022

15 Stunning Autumn Wedding Flower Bouquets

Author: Libbi Cohen

15 Stunning Autumn Wedding Flower Bouquets

Flowers are one of the most fundamental elements to a wedding, not only serving as the ultimate bridal accessory, but also being one of the main decorations of the wedding itself. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose the perfect flowers to celebrate and commemorate your special day.

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Autumn is the season of change, with leaves turning to golden shades of orange, yellow and brown, and many trees even shedding their leaves. Since there is so much noticeable change happening in autumn, it is natural to have a wedding in this season to celebrate a couple’s new life together.

Not only are the leaves changing and falling, but flowers are blooming and crops are being harvested. With an abundance of autumnal blooms and a variety of natural colours, there are plenty of flowers to choose from for your autumn wedding.

Our 15 favourite autumnal bridal bouquets

1. A traditional white cascade bouquet

White is the universal, traditional colour of weddings and brides alike. For brides who would prefer to keep their wedding look traditional and classic, a white cascade bouquet is always the perfect choice. Not only is this bouquet simplistically beautiful, but you can also always be sure to include seasonal flowers.

We recommend choosing the autumnal blooms of  white lilies and roses, together with a generous amount of baby’s breath and Japanese fern as fillers and seasonal greenery, such as eucalyptus.

2. A forest-inspired bouquet

For brides who are looking to venture away from a traditional white wedding bouquet, a  forest-inspired autumnal bouquet is the perfect choice for this season. Combine red roses with golden lilies and add some pine cones and ilex berries as fillers. Also don’t forget to add your favourite seasonal greenery!

3. A colourful bouquet for a colourful bride

For brides with vibrant, colourful personalities, what better bridal bouquet to mark their special day than a beautifully  bright bouquet? Combine orange roses, cream dahlias, mauve proteas, chinese lanterns and seasonal greenery as the bouquet’s fillers. Another gorgeous filler for this bouquet are ilex berries, adding to the autumnal feel as well as adding an extra burst of colour.

4. Hocus Pocus - a Halloween-inspired bridal bouquet for October weddings

October is widely known and anticipated as the month in which we celebrate the spooky festival of Halloween. What screams ‘autumn’ more than Halloween pumpkins?

Whether you are a bride who relishes Halloween festivities, or simply a bride who admires the bronze and orange tones of autumn, we think this  Halloween-inspired bouquet is perfect for your special day. Combine orange and yellow rosesyellow dahlias and orange pincushions. For the bouquet’s foliage, add spooky orange-toned leaves.

5. Wild Autumnal Bouquet

For a natural, hand-picked look, combine a variety of flowers, combining different colours, shapes and sizes. Try combining dusty pink roses, with brighter  pink roses, orange orchids, pine cones and plenty of greenery. For the foliage, we recommend eucalyptus, specifically the ‘round-leaved mallee’ species and the ‘nichol’s willow’ species.

6. A white bridal bouquet, but make it unconventional

White is the traditional colour of weddings and white blooms are a classic choice for bridal bouquets. If you’re looking to stick to this bridal tradition, but want to give your wedding a unique, personal touch, we think that this bouquet is perfect for you.

Combine honeysuckle, white lilies, white clematis and daisies for an unconventional, wild-looking twist to the widely loved, traditional white bridal bouquet. For foliage, add Japanese fern and eucalyptus.

7. A Pastel Bridal Bouquet

Pastel tones are the favourites of those who like minimalism and simplistic elegance. Combine  white roses with pastel pink roses and baby’s breath. For your greenery, add eucalyptus and lamb’s ear.

8. Monochrome Bouquet of Celosia

Less is more. Never has this phrase been truer than with a beautiful monochrome bridal bouquet, of only one type of flower. Since  orange is the colour of autumn, what better flower to choose than orange celosia? Create a bouquet by bunching together a considerable amount of celosia, together with some greenery for a contrast in colour and texture.

9. A bouquet of Autumnal Hydrangeas

Combine red and  white hydrangeas with some white roses for an eye-catching autumnal bouquet. For the bouquet’s fillers, add white and red berries, baby’s breath and eucalyptus for foliage.

10. Bohemian Bouquet

For something a little less ‘perfect-looking’, but no less perfect, boast a bohemian looking bouquet at your wedding. Combine wild cornflowers, daisies, baby’s breath and plenty of greenery. For a final touch, tie the bouquet together with a white or silver ribbon in a simple bow. White lace would also be a great choice to tie the bouquet together and will add to the overall bridal look.

11. A Bridal bouquet made up of Chrysanthemums, the November Birth Flower

What better way to capture the beauty of autumnal blooms, than by making  November’s birth flowerchrysanthemums, the main attraction of your bridal bouquet? If your wedding is taking place in November, choosing a bouquet that consists of November’s birth flower is the perfect way to remember your special day.

Combine  orange, yellow, red and peach chrysanthemums with red and white berries, baby’s breath and plenty of greenery for a unique, autumnal bridal bouquet that will be sure to capture the eyes of all your guests.

12. A Romantic Red Bouquet

Not only is  red an autumnal shade, but it is also the colour of romance. For a celebration of love in the middle of autumn, a bouquet of vibrant red blooms is a stunning choice. Combine deep red roses, hypericum berries and eucalyptus, for a stunning red bridal bouquet.

13. A Pink Bridal Bouquet

For something a little less traditional and a lot more girly, consider having a pink bouquet of fairy tales that your younger self dreamt of. Combine  baby pink and dusty pink roses with eucalyptus as greenery.

14. A Bridal Bouquet of Dried Flowers

Who said that bridal bouquets could only be made up of fresh blooms? Why not create a bouquet of your favourite  dried autumnal blooms?

Having your entire  bouquet consisting of dried flowers is not only unconventional, but is extra special as it means that you will be able to keep your bridal bouquet forever, without fear of your flowers dying.

If you still want fresh flowers as the focal point of your bridal bouquet, you can add dried flowers as the bouquet’s accents, to create a variety of textures.

15. Small and Simple Bridal Bouquet

For something more low-key and simple, bunch together a few white lilies and tie them together with a thick white ribbon for a timeless white wedding look.

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