30th Jun 2021

5 Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

Author: Flower Station

5 Simple Wedding Flower Ideas

As one of the finest London florists, we at Flower Station, have gained experience in making wedding flower ideas of our clients come to life. Our in-place wedding specialists are qualified and enthusiastic about their work. Our team is always ready to deal with everything from a truly lush bespoke florist design idea to a more simple wedding flower arrangement. We always recognize our customers' needs and do our utmost to create your dreamed wedding day.

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We’re seeing more and more people getting involved in the selection of flowers for the wedding personally. We highly encourage that trend and we can say that this personal involvement is what separates great wedding events from merely good ones.

But as an experienced florist, we have learned that it is sometimes difficult to decide about your wedding flower arrangement. A million questions may arise in the process - what flowers and colours are appropriate, how big should the bridal bouquet be and more. That is why we want to present you with 5 precious ideas that will help you when planning the wedding flower arrangement for your special day.

Idea #1: Use Seasonal Flowers

We highly recommend choosing seasonal flowers for your wedding as they will match the atmosphere created by the season. For example, you can match the colour scheme of your wedding in spring with the warm shades of the tulips or choose a ranunculus as the main flower in your garden-style wedding in April.

Choosing seasonal flowers for your wedding is also a cost-effective solution. That is because the seasonal flowers are readily available during the certain season, which brings their cost down.

Wedding Flowers as a Gift for the Bride and Groom

Idea #2: Add Oversized Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet

Consider making a bold statement with an all-white bridal bouquet with flowers with larger blooms. Ask your wedding florist for large orchids, avalanche roses or peonies that will impress your guests for sure

Idea #3: Add Different Textures to Your Bridal Bouquet

The texture is just as important as the colour when we talk about wedding flowers. If you have chosen a one-colour bridal bouquet, be sure you add varying textures to achieve a "wow" effect. For example, ask your wedding florist to arrange an all-white bridal bouquet with a mixture of textures within the foliages and fillers.

Idea #4: Put the Spotlight on Greenery

Pay more detailed attention to the greenery in your posies. The florists typically focus on the blooms rather than the greenery. From eucalyptus to olive branches, the greenery can be the hero of your flower arrangement. You can add some more greenery instead of flowers on the tables too. That will give a fresh and rustic take to the wedding venue.

Idea #5: Add Tropical Elements

We are into the bolder wedding flower arrangements. If you want your special day to stand out and amaze, do not hesitate to combine blooms with brighter colours with larger greenery like kentia palms and monstera leaves. We recommend you using orchids, anthurium, and ranunculus to add a fresh tropical note to your wedding.

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