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See the whole range of fresh flowers from Flower Station. On this page you will find flower bouquets as well as flower boxes, gift sets and more. We have all occasions from birthdays to new born babies covered. 

  • Lovers Lane

    Lovers Lane

        Lovers Lane A classic bouquet of the most sumptuous ‘sweet avalanche’ roses available. Designed in a contemporary dome shape with absolutely no other flowers or foliages within it, the hand tied bouquet takes...

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  • Rue de Rivoli

    Rue de Rivoli

        Rue De Rivoli Our head designer must have been reminiscing of France and their beautiful country side when creating this stunning bouquet of flowers in a hand made clear glass fishbowl. With powerful mixes of strong colours...

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  • Sale
    A massive selection of 100 long-stem yellow luxury roses (70cm)

    50 Long Stem Yellow Roses

        50 Long Stemmed Yellow Roses Our expert florists have selected the longest yellow roses in our selection to present you with this stunning bouquet of long stem yellow roses. We operate a seven day delivery service in Lon…

    Was: £225.00
    Now: £194.99
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  • New
    Queen Charlotte Queen Charlotte

    Queen Charlotte

        Queen Charlotte Introducing the Queen Charlotte luxury bouquet, a splendid arrangement inspired by the iconic character from the Bridgerton series. This exquisite hand-tied bouquet features opulent red and roses, charming pink.…

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  • Pall Mall

    Pall Mall

        Pall Mall London’s Pall Mall is said to offer the perfect combination of elegance, first class service and is often referred to as an unparalleled backdrop to many an event. We had the very same intentions with this hand …

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  • J Street

    J Street

        J Street Fresh and full of hope, elegance and sophistication – it is a perfect ‘Thank You’ gift and will never fail to satisfy the lucky recipient. The bouquet is made with hydrangea, astilbe, trachelium, nige…

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  • Melrose Place

    Melrose Place

        Melrose Place A birthday flower bouquet in a vase, designed with the very best flowers and foliages available that include ‘Red Naomi’ roses, blue nigellas, red hypericums, orange asclepias, green dill, bombastic sp…

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  • Sale
    Luxury bouquet from peach roses, luxury Vuvuzela roses, pink spray roses, white hydrangeas, White trachelium and white bouvardia

    Mamma Mia

        One Last Kiss An absolutely divine mix of luxury roses and seasonal summer time flowers. The 'One Last Kiss' hand-tied includes Peach Roses, luxury Vuvuzela Roses, Pink Spray Roses, White Hydrangeas, White Trachelium and White.…

    Was: £165.00
    Now: £129.50
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  • Madison Avenue

    Madison Avenue

        Madison Avenue An elegant mix of flowers that includes scabiosa, astranthia and cream garden roses. A natural mix of flowers that simply flows and comes together harmoniously. A great gift for a great friend reminding them just…

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Citrus Radiance Citrus Radiance

Citrus Radiance

Citrus Radiance Introducing 'Citrus Radiance', a stunning hand-tied bouquet that captures the essence of sun-kissed days. Bursting with vibrant hues of orange, yellow, and green, this bouquet...

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Clyvedon Blooms Clyvedon Blooms

Clyvedon Blooms

Clyvedon Blooms Infuse any space with the vibrant joy of spring through our hand-tied bouquet, featuring soft peach roses, lively orange spray roses, and accented with purple stocks and pink...

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Bring the joy of the season with our hand-tied bouquet of cerise pink roses and orange spray roses. Bring the joy of the season with our hand-tied bouquet of cerise pink roses and orange spray roses.

Blushing Brights

Blushing Brights Bring the joy of spring into any space with our hand-tied bouquet of cerise pink roses and orange spray roses. This vibrant and cheerful arrangement is perfect for adding a...

Was: £85.00
Now: £59.99
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The Best The Best

The Best

THE BEST Introducing 'The Best' bouquet: There's always a meaningful occasion to express apreciation, and what could be more perfect than conveying it through a fresh flower delivery,...

Was: £57.00
Now: £49.00
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