Only You
£34.99 Blue Hydrangea

A perfect planted gift for a new born baby boy or just a perfect gift for all of us in love with hydrangea plants. This magnificent hydrangea plant is around 40cm tall and comes in a beautiful white ceramic pot.

Only You

An excellent gift for just about any occasion. This magnificent planted arrangement includes 3 extra large white orchids a handmade glass vase with luscious moss. A favourite of many of our customers.

Only You
£37.99 White Orchid

An absolute classic! Whenever you’re not sure about the gift that you may want to send to your loved one, rest assured that the white phalaenopsis orchids will always do the trick, no matter what the occasion.

crisp and fresh
£37.99 Pink Orchid

A great baby girl gift with a large pink phalaenopsis orchid that’s been skilfully placed into a beautiful ceramic container. This is also an every day gift and a favourite of many.

red flowers bouquet

New to our planted gifts range, this beautiful ceramic bowl includes eight luxury mini orchids that are displayed perfectly and expertly by our designer florists. This indoor plant is also quite easy to care for.

neutral hand tied

A very long lasting option for many a household, or an office. This plant combination of mini kentia palms and ivy is a great contemporary arrangement that will do well on any office table, or a modern household.

orange and green bouquet
£29.99 Yellow Calla

Calla lilies are another plant that is built to last. They make for a classy and an eye catching arrangement that are sure to impress. This is a great ‘Thank You’ gift.

lilac yellow and blue flowers
£94.99 White Orchidea

An exotic flavour of the East can be brought to any household or an office with this special arrangement of white phalaenopsis plants in a hand made clear glass bowl. Expertly designed by our master florists.

blue flowers in a vase
£94.99 Pink Orchidea

An exotic flavour of the East can be brought to any household or an office with this special arrangement of pink phalaenopsis plants in a hand made clear glass bowl. Expertly designed by our master florists.

kangaroo paw flowers bouquet

This glass fishbowl terrarium is full of delightful indoor plants that will create for a fabulous surprise to their lucky recipient. The selection of plants may vary from time to time, but will always be up to...

pink base flower arrangement

Another fabulous glass fishbowl terrarium full of indoor house plants that also includes a double stemmed white phalaenopsis orchid. This is an elegant gift tailor made for a modern house, or an office.

hydrangea fruit basket
£24.99 Gardenia

A famous and a favourite of many and it is no wonder to see why with their beautiful evergreen leaves and the ever fragrant white flowers. This is an easy care house plant that is easily looked after.

luxury roses hand tied
£42.99 Double Orchids

A classic and a contemporary arrangement with two medium sized double-stemmed white phalaenopsis orchids. The plant arrangement comes in a white ceramic planter and is covered with green moss.

stunning roses bouquet

A great gift for a new born baby girl. This pink phalaenopsis orchid plant comes in a beautiful white ceramic pot and is adorned beautifully with green moss at the top of the pot. It is gift wrapped in white tissue paper.

pink base flower arrangement
£19.99 Aloe Vera

A great ‘Get Well Soon’ planted gift. Aloe Vera has long known to be famous for its healing abilities that come from within its leaves. It is a plant that doesn’t need much maintenance and can keep on growing

100 red roses
£22.99 White Roses

A pretty and admirable white rose bush that comes readily and expertly planted in a terracotta pot. The roses will keep blossoming for several weeks and the plant also offers the option of being replanted.

roses and hydrangea
£29.99 Pink Hydrangea

A stunning large hydrangea plant that’s expertly planted in a large terracotta pot and that makes for a great gift for just about any occasion. The hydrangea loves to be stored in a more cool space and is a great plant for replanting.

£22.99 Large Anthurium

A stunning gift that’s perfect whenever needing to send a ‘Get Well Soon’ gesture. This tropical plant is also quite long lasting and will make for quite an easy plant to look after. The total height of the plant is around 40cm.

birds of paradise

A beautiful hydrangea plant in the shape of a lollipop. This is one of our most popular planted gifts and can be sold out quite quickly, so always make sure to order it quite early in the day. The total height of the plant is around 50cm.

roses and ivy
£26.99 Sanseveria Pot

Sanseveria is another in line of ‘tough’ plants that is bound to be around you for a long time to come. With its architectural shape it is a perfect plant for a more modern interior, or an office even. Its long leaves can reach a metre in height even.

roses and hydrangea
£29.99 Hydrangea Pot

Hydrangeas are an ever popular plant and they have even been awarded a Plant of the Year award at the 2014 RHS Chelsea Flower Show. This is a classic plant gift and we think it’s apt for just about any occasion.

purples reds and blues
£24.99 Red Rose Pot

The queen of all the flowers and it is no wonder to see why. Roses are always a much loved and very well known gift that will never fail to satisfy and are often chose for their beautiful flowers.

birds of paradise
£34.99 Herbal Tray

This herbal tray is a perfect gift for gourmet lovers. It is displayed in a rustic wooden tray and will smell divine in any kitchen and will make for a divine plant gift. Our usual planters include the likes of sage, mint...

pastel flowers

Another planter that’s filled with a single large rosemary and a single large thyme plant. Beautifully planted by our expert florists it will come beautifully packaged in white tissue paper and clear cellophane.

white and green bouquet
£36.99 Herbal Basket

A large plant basket filled with the best herbal selection of the day. The basket includes six of the best handpicked herbal plants on offer and is always made to impress. The length of the basket is around 40cm and the total height is 30cm.

vibrant bouquet
£23.99 Mind Your...

A Mediterranean plant that is best known for being an indoor plant and makes for quite a low maintenance house plant, but can also be easily replanted and used effectively as an alternative to grass and as ground cover in a garden.

colourful bouquet

Dendrobium orchids are second only to the phalaenopsis plants in terms of their popularity and are an excellent gift whenever needing to impress. This particular orchid comes in a glass tank vase that’s been filled up to the top with moss.

cream and white bouquet
£59.99 Orange Tree

A Calamondin Orange plant is becoming more popular as a plant gifting option and it is no wonder to see why with its fragrant flowers and pretty evergreen leaves. This plant comes in a beautiful green ceramic pot and is adorned with green moss.

red and pink bouquet
£219.99 Dendrobiums

A tremendous planted selection of 6 of the most beautiful white dendrobium orchids in a stunning clear handmade bowl. The vase is covered in green and white moss inside and at the very top of it, making for a spectacular gift of luxury plants.

vibrant bouquet
£29.99 Succulent Bowl

Succulent plants have been booming in popularity in recent years and, as such, it is no surprise to find this planted gift as one of our most popular options in this section. Succulents are beautiful plants with thick and very structured leaves.

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