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Planted Gifts

Our range of long lasting potted plants is perfect for those with green fingers and is the ideal gift purchase. Versatile and hardy, we have plants for the garden and indoors that can all be delivered to you nationwide. Perfect as a birthday present or as a token of appreciation, our popular range excels on quality as well as value.

  • Floral Basket

    Floral Basket


        Floral Basket A large plant basket filled with assorted cyclamen plants and trailing ivy. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor, this planted arrangement is always made to impress. The length of the basket is around 40cm. A great...

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  • Potted Kentia Palm

    Potted Kentia Palm


        Potted Kentia Palm Add new vibes to your favourite room and bring some tropical feeling with a beautiful Kentia Palm, a plant that also improves air quality. Perfect as a house and/or office plant, this kentia comes in a...

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  • Geranium Basket with Luxury Chocolates

    Geranium Basket with Luxury Chocolates


    Geranium Basket with Luxury Chocolates The Perfect gift set for this Easter. A wonderfully arranged basket with a selection of potted geranium plants delivered together with a bag of Luxury Artisan Hazelnut Pearls and a Honeycomb block No15...

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    White Dendrobium

    White Dendrobium

    £41.00 £37.99

        White Dendrobium Dendrobium orchids are second only to the phalaenopsis plants in terms of their popularity and are an excellent gift whenever needing to impress. This particular orchid comes in a glass tank vase that’s been...

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  • Double Stemmed Pink Orchid

    Double Stemmed Pink Orchid


        Potted Pink Orchid A great baby girl gift with a large pink phalaenopsis orchid that’s been skilfully placed into a beautiful ceramic container. This is also an every day gift and a favourite of many. Ceramic container may...

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  • Double Stemmed White Orchid

    Double Stemmed White Orchid


        Double Stemmed White Orchid An absolute classic! Whenever you’re not sure about the gift that you may want to send to your loved one, rest assured that the white phalaenopsis orchids will always do the trick, no matter what...

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  • Gardenia and Terracotta

    Gardenia and Terracotta


        Potted Gardenia Please give our customer service team a call should you wish to make some changes to a selected product or have any questions. We may at times make suitable substitutions of flowers, depending on stock availability,...

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  • House Plants Bowl

    House Plants Bowl


        House Plants Bowl This glass fishbowl terrarium is full of delightful indoor plants that will create for a fabulous surprise to their lucky recipient. The selection of plants may vary from time to time, but will always be up to...

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  • Jasmine in Terracotta

    Jasmine in Terracotta


        Jasmine in Terracotta If you are looking to get a plant that stands for its scented fragrance, Jasmine plants are on top of their league.  A natural climber and an organic beauty, we deliver it to you carefully potted in a...

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  • Kentia And Ivy Bowl

    Kentia And Ivy Bowl


        Kentia & Ivy Bowl A very long lasting option for many a household, or an office. This plant combination of mini kentia palms and ivy is a great contemporary arrangement that will do well on any office table, or a modern...

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  • Orange Tree

    Orange Tree


        Orange Tree A Calamondin Orange plant is becoming more popular as a plant gifting option and it is no wonder to see why with its fragrant flowers and pretty evergreen leaves. This plant comes in a beautiful green ceramic pot and is...

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  • Orchids In A Bowl

    Orchids In A Bowl


        Orchids In A Bowl A dramatic arrangement of three orchid plants. This arrangement would make a wonderful present for any occasion, particularly that of a new born baby. Set in a ceramic bowl, the pink of the orchid blossoms is a...

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  • Pink Orchidea

    Pink Orchidea


        Pink Orchidea An exotic flavour of the East can be brought to any household or an office with this special arrangement of pink phalaenopsis plants in a hand made clear glass bowl. Expertly designed by our master florists and...

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  • Singolo Orchidea

    Singolo Orchidea


        Singolo Orchidea A great gift for all moments of value. This magnificent orchid has a single flower that stands for its beauty. Delicate and compact design to delight any flower lover.  Stem length: 30-45 cms, Flower Head:...

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