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Tasked with balancing a powerful but also delicate set of arrangements for Mike and Karen, our dedicated team drew up a plan with the couple beforehand to settle on design, size, price and the logistics of the event.

Installation began at 9am onsite, and was completed by the team of three florists, working to the pre-planned designs, by the 1pm deadline. Concentrating on creating an exciting and explosive sense of drama for the couple, we focused on size and volume with the displays, using large white roses and green Hydrangeas to maximise the dramatic impact. The bride and groom were keen to exploit and reflect the unique location and we incorporated the elegant candelabras as a way to draw attention to the flowers themselves and onto the delicate brickwork of their surroundings. The guests and wedding party were delighted with the intricacy of the designs and in particular the creeping ivy that weaved its way down to the base of the candelabras. Providing a perfect focal point for the tables and drawing attention instantly to the clean and subtle juxtapositions between the flowers and the exposed brickwork.

Though the brief specified eye-catching and exciting, our team managed to infuse a sense of finesse and bridal grace while satisfying the requirements of the clients. It was challenging in a restricted environment and with limited light to make the flowers as vibrant as they would have been in daylight, but it is safe to say the arrangements greatly contributed to the success of the occasion.


The sheer size and vast nature of the setting meant we were facing up to a considerable challenge. The massive sloping ceiling of the cathedral and huge arches were always going to be vying for competition with any arrangements and the bride and groom were keen to find a balance between the flowers competing for attention and the possibility of them being completely swallowed up by the environment.

The first important decision was the flowers. Ultimately the team struck on relatively simple choice of large green and white hydrangeas combined with tall ferns. In choosing a classical and neutral scheme we could avoid over-complicating the aesthetic and instead, compliment the architectural setting. In this sense we kept the feel of the arrangements light but not insubstantial, of a size and character that could offer an elegant and refined reflection of the cathedral.

Our brief had been to keep the compositions airy and delicate, not to be overflowing with flowers or dangling greenery. In this respect, it was a challenge to create enough texture and dynamic interplay in the design and the florists worked hard building up layers of flowers to offset the relative simplicity of the styling. Ultimately the abundant space and crisp light from the picture windows allowed the quiet sophistication of the designs to shine through on the wedding day. The fact that the setting and the flowers came together in a harmonious equilibrium is testament to the dedication and foresight of our team, as well as their on-going commitment to good communication and troubleshooting with clients.


To realize the brief for this particular event, we were asked by the bride and groom to bring a classic sophistication to the day, a sense of effortless elegance transferred through the choice of flowers, the design and the positioning of each arrangement. The couple already had planned the four-poster bridal canopy and left it to our judgment to decorate accordingly. For a wedding with a desired element of class, our florists prepared and arranged on-sit the extended runner of cream velvet roses that draw the eye towards the focal point of the ceremony and direct the audience’s attention onto the couple. To direct and stage manage the occasion further, we used four pure white plinths topped with giant rose domes formed by over 300 of the finest, freshest cream roses. To add a splash of colour and as a nod to the romance associated with them, we decorated the aisle with a sea of cream and red rose petals, a finishing touch to the exuberance and rich, textured, extravagance of the whole event. The outdoor location, with plenty of natural light, a lush green backdrop provided by large conifers and the white cloth drapes helped to combine with our work not only to create a stunning set piece, but to demonstrate the power and versatility of floral arrangements for any occasion.


Working to the theme of ‘American elegance’, we set about planning and designing a series of table bouquets that could pull off an easy, laid-back vibe with a retro twist capable of stunning the newly-weds and their guests alike.

Following the consultations with the couple, the team decided on a colour scheme of pinks with peonies and roses comprising the soft, cooler end of the scale and vibrant lilies and gerberas bringing up a darker, fuller bodied pink to the arrangements. Though there was no specific requests regarding size, when on-site and preparing to install the displays, we opted for relatively small, low-key designs limited to around 15 stems per bouquet. The tables and their small size meant it was advisable to leave room not simply for other decoration and the place-settings, but as a precaution lest the flowers overpower scene and prove overly domineering.

The dramatic flowering peonies and large, fragrant lilies did just enough to fill the space with a kind of swaggering, retro cool the couple were searching for while the pink roses and gerberas help lower the tone, tempering the flamboyance and bringing a subtle elegance - befitting of a wedding – to the whole picture. The distinct atmosphere of easy elegance and vintage, American class is achieved, in part, by the carefully considered and meticulously planned arrangements our florists prepared and delivered on the day. It serves to illustrate that a fun, dynamic and unique blend of individuality can be created through the use of flowers and that as a part of the larger wedding as a whole, the floral designs can become a catalyst for the overall aesthetic.