Weekly Corporate Flowers

Stunning designs changed on weekly basis and delivered at a requested time to your business premises.

Need Flowers For Your Business?

Why not call our corporate team and book your free weekly flowers consultation. With one of largest delivery fleets in London, we are able to fulfil the most complicated of weekly orders.


Weekly Flower Delivery

Working to design the very best in floral arrangements, our team is dedicated to sourcing the freshest flowers and combining them with exquisite composition to bring you the finest corporate flowers available. Whether you have a large space that needs filling out, a table or reception area in need of some colour and vibrancy, or an office that lacks lustre, we can organise the best option for your needs. Our experienced team can help you select sizes, colours and the make-up of the designs to suit every style and environment, with a huge range of flowers imported from all over the world. With our service you are in safe hands. Always available to assist in any problems, our florists will install the arrangements at a time convenient to you and whether it is a one off or a weekly contract, they will return regularly to maintain the arrangement, remove any flowers that are past their best and replace with fresh blooms. Trusted for years to provide quality and value to a range of corporate clients all over the capital, here at Flower Station we are proud of the service we offer and are committed to delivering floral excellence 365 days a year.

Call or contact us via email to arrange a consultation. A florist will help you get your ideas off the ground and start you on the path towards perfect flowers. We are happy to provide quotes and estimates for all kinds of businesses in London/


Weekly Flower Subscription for Businesses

Incorporating a floral arrangement into a business environment can bring an added element of serenity and sophistication to spaces that may be functional but lacking that something special to bring a space to life. Here at Flower Station, we are specialists in corporate floral design, providing one-off and weekly services for all kinds of businesses across London and beyond. Whether you have specific flowers in mind with an idea for the arrangement, or you want us to use our experience to judge and access a space before installing flowers, we can provide the skills to realise any vision.

With fresh, imported flowers sourced from all over the globe, there is an exciting range to choose from when deciding on the style and feel of your design. From tropical Birds of Paradise to the kind of elegant hydrangeas seen in this example, there is something for everyone. And with delivery anywhere in London, you can rest assured the flowers will be installed in the vases of your choosing by dedicated florists who will regularly maintain the appearance of the design to ensure the maximum lifespan of the flowers. We also provide a wide selection of vases of varying colour, shapes, and sizes for you to choose from. This also means there will be a differing feel to each arrangement, keeping not only the flowers fresh from week to week by also making sure the composition does not become flat and predictable.

By making Flower Station the first choice for your business, you will receive many benefits going forward. As well as a dedicated and experienced team of international florists designing and caring for your arrangements, we ensure round-the-clock assistance, so if you need to change an order or tweak an arrangement last minute, you can rest assured we are available whenever you need us.


Flowers for Your Events

Got an important event or function coming up? Need a special arrangement or series of designs for the big event?

Then we have just what you are looking for to achieve that spectacular, distinctive display to blow your guests away. Here, our designers set out and worked with an exclusive bridal boutique to provide a series of arrangements outside their shop for a large function being held over the weekend. Deciding on a mixture of small vases, single-stem vases, and larger cut-glass, a team of three florists arranged and installed the flowers onsite, using a mix of roses, hydrangeas, stocks, peonies, and seasonal foliage to create a dynamic, multi-leveled explosion of colour and vibrancy.

Whether your business is looking for something as lavish as this event or a more traditional design or office space, reception, or lobby, we have all the expertise to organise the perfect flowers for you. Our team of florists can assist you in the design phase, choosing flowers to suit the style of the premises and finally bringing the arrangements to your business. We operate all across London and provide floral designs for a range of businesses from shops and independent organizations to hotels and multinationals. All our arrangements are fully maintained and regular ‘top-ups’ are taken care of by the team to make sure your display stays looking wonderful for the entire week.

No detail is too small and we consider all requests, accommodating any number of styles that our clients need to achieve. So whatever it is you are looking for, contact us at Flower Station for quality corporate flowers.



Providing for any kind of space, our team often design arrangements for large spaces that require a range of vase sizes. To create a variation and to prevent a repetitive feel within the space, the design at this particular venue is split into three larger vases and four small cubes, helping to evenly distribute the flowers around the room and provide a more textured feel.

This is important when considering new contracts with clients. Every premises is different and needs an individually tailored design in terms of both flowers and vases. In each case, here at Flower Station we have a massive range to choose from. Whether you want bright sunflowers and roses, orchid plants and hydrangeas or lilies and gerberas, we have something for every business. Regardless of size, we delivery across London and once we have installed your flowers our florists make check backs during the week to ensure quality and vibrancy is maintained until the time comes to change the stems.

Our dedicated service means we are trusted by many current clients to provide, install, maintain and replace beautiful floral design to business across the capital. From the initial stage of selecting flowers, to agreeing on a style and vases right through to the final finished product arriving at your office of other venue, we offer a professional and confident package we believe is second to none.


Here at Flower Station we design bespoke floral arrangements for businesses all over London, bringing fresh flowers and beautifully crafted compositions to corporate spaces in need of a little flair. With a dedicated team of experienced international florists, we can provide information on selection and design in a free consultation before anything needs to be finalised. While you are deciding on flowers, the florists can offer suggestions on vases and styles of arrangement that would best fit your space. Whether it is a small reception room or a grand foyer, we have experience with a huge range of one-off events and weekly contracts in every conceivable kind of environment. This puts us in the ideal situation to deal with any request and ultimately find the perfect solution for every client.

Our flowers are imported on a daily basis to our HQ in Marylebone where they are distributed across the capital with our teams to install and maintain arrangements at a number of venues each week. With a wealth of experience in various kinds of design, whether you are looking for modern and contemporary vases for a restaurant, or more reserved compositions for an office lobby, you can rest assured that not only do we have the knowledge to complete the jobs appropriately, our experience means we are always professionally minded and discreet. All in all, there are many reason to choose Flower Station for all your corporate flower needs, so feel free to contact us and organise for a free consultation or, alternatively, let us know your ideas and hopefully we can bring them to life.


By choosing Flower Station to deal with the floral arrangements for your business premises, you guarantee a level of quality and service only achievable through years of experience and commitment. With our packages you can be sure to receive fresh, beautiful flowers delivered to your location whenever you need them. Whether you want weekly flowers or for a one-off occasion, whether you need a fixed arrangement every week or a changing design, whether you want hydrangeas, roses, carnations or mixed arrangements, we can do it all. We provide flowers for restaurants, offices, shops, hotels, private residences and casinos, covering a range of styles and designs to suit the atmosphere and environment of the space.

No request is too small and with professional florists always on call to assist with queries, orders or problems, we are confident a contract with us will be an ideal move. Our fresh flowers are of the highest quality and always brought to you in beautiful condition, vibrant and ready to light up any space with warmth and fragrance. Though contemporary style is the norm at the moment, we cater for all tastes and are happy to take instruction on exactly what are clients want to achieve with their flowers. We listen to you and with free consultations for new customers and a 24 hour service for existing customers, we are always ready to help. For the best advice on commercial arrangements from experienced florists, contact us today and take the first step to brighter work spaces.