5th Apr 2024

​Get Green-Fingered and Unleash Your Creativity

Author: Libbi Cohen

​Get Green-Fingered and Unleash Your Creativity

The beauty of the natural world is simply breathtaking; while there are so many natural beauties to admire and enjoy, nothing quite compares to flowers.

Welcome to The Flower School

Located in the heart of leafy Hampstead Garden Suburb, The Flower School by Flower Station is an enchanting hidden gem where you can learn all things to do with plants and flower arrangement. Located in a beautiful glass structure, in the middle of our beautiful garden centre, The Flower School is a hub where everyone is welcome to nurture their passion for flowers. Whether you are looking to kick start a new career, or simply want to learn a new skill, you will be taught by some of the leading professional florists in the industry - all of our instructors are full-time senior florists at the Flower Station, one of London’s leading florists.

At The Flower School, flowers aren’t just aesthetically alluring, but are our passion. The art of floristry is a full sensory experience - not only are the flowers we work with vibrant and uplifting just to look at, but their fragrance permeates the air, lingering on our hands, clothes and in our memories. Beyond flowers’ sensory appeal, they have long been used to create and send messages of love, friendship, sympathy, sorrow and celebration. The language of flowers is a universal one, transcending all language barriers, bringing people of all backgrounds together. At The Flower School, you will not only learn how to carefully design and craft beautiful and fragrant bouquets, but you will also become fluent in the language of flowers, spreading heartfelt messages with things that are so simple.

Top 6 reasons to learn floristry with us

1 - Learn the Language of Flowers

Flowers are so simple, yet capable of spreading deep and meaningful messages straight from the heart. The language of flowers is a universal one, connecting people of all backgrounds, transcending language and culture barriers. Whether you are wanting to say ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’, or ‘I love you’, flowers are always an ideal choice. Flowers have a language of their own and The Flower School will teach you to speak it, enabling you to spread happiness through your work.

2 - Let Your Creative Spark Shine

The work of a florist is just like the work of an artist, enabling you to send emotive messages with your flowers. Floristry allows you to think outside the box, enabling you to showcase the beauty of your blooms in whichever way you choose. You can add your personal touch to each flower arrangement, developing your very own signature style.

3 - Flowers are Therapy for the Soul

Engaging with the natural world has been proven to reduce stress and promote one’s mental wellbeing. At The Flower School you will be getting hands-on with flowers - the most beautiful gifts that nature has to offer. Floristry is a mindful and peaceful practice, allowing you to lose yourself in your work. Not only can flower arrangement have meditative benefits, but it can also be an emotional outlet, allowing florists to channel their emotions through their work.

4 - Connect with Nature

Flowers are so simple yet so beautiful - a gentle reminder to appreciate Earth’s natural beauty. Because of this, you will find that working with flowers is a grounding experience, reminding you to appreciate life’s simple treasures - something that we so often forget to do in our fast-paced, technology driven lives. Spending time with Earth’s natural beauty also serves as a reminder of the importance of developing sustainable practices and taking care of the environment so that we can continue to enjoy Earth’s gifts forever more.

At The Flower School we only work with the highest quality flowers sourced from sustainable farms and growers across the world. All of our flowers conform to the Fair Flowers Fair Plants standard, ensuring that we minimise the environmental impact of cut flower production on the environment. So you can rest assured that your time at The Flower School will allow you to foster your passion sustainably.

5 - Learn from Experts

One of the main reasons the Flower Station is one of the UK’s leading florists is our outstanding staff, who have been recognised for their skilled artistry. At The Flower School, you will be learning from Flower Station’s expert florists, many of whom began their careers with us.

6 - Participate in Team Building

Learning floristry is not only a great individual hobby, but is also a perfect excuse to spend time with friends and family, as well as an excellent team-building activity. Floristry is an interactive activity that engages people physically, emotionally and mentally. The act of creating an intricate bouquet as a team not only promotes a sense of togetherness and teamwork, but it also creates a shared sense of achievement, resulting in stronger bonds within the team.

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Don’t live in London? Don’t worry! Explore The Flower School Online

The Flower Station also runs floristry courses online via The Flower School Online. Discover a range of online courses and carefully created content, designed and implemented by some of the leading professional florists in the industry. The beauty of the online course is that you can take it in your own time, at your own pace - there is no rush to complete the course and the sessions do not need to be completed at regular intervals.

Once you sign up to The Flower School Online, you will have a lifetime access to the content, meaning that you can complete the course infinite times. You will also get to hear directly from our floristry team, with updates about upcoming online courses and news as to how the school is evolving. You will also have the opportunity to learn new tips and tricks in informative articles written by the team, carefully designed to help you with your day-to-day floristry endeavours.

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