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Wonderful Wedding Flowers for Different Seasons

The floral arrangement during the wedding is very important as it signifies the true meaning of love, passion, beauty, and good wishes for the newlyweds. The wedding flowers can be expensive, but they do not have to be. You can choose wedding flowers from Flower Station without breaking the bank.

Wedding flower decoration is an essential part of any wedding, not just because of its beauty and fragrance that catches the breath of every person that attends the occasion, but it also signifies purity and commitment that the bride and the groom have for each other. Flowers can be used in different ways to beautify a wedding venue. Flowers add a vivid and acute décor to every wedding. The magnificent beauty of flowers can bring any place to life. They spread the sweet aroma around, making it perfect for you to start your new life surrounded by the fresh fragrance of love.

Spring Wedding Flowers

For a couple getting married in spring, there are many choices of colourful and inexpensive flowers. Gratifying and reasonably priced pea with its soft pink hue is a beautiful piece for wedding flower bouquets and centrepieces. Italian royalty once used it for decorating the altar for weddings, and still today, it is perfect for spring weddings.

Purple wedding flowers such as irises and lilacs when arranged with delicate pink sweet peas and some traditional white wedding flowers like lilies call for springtime. Irises are available in a variety of colours and are very sweet smelling, quite inexpensive and most preferred for weddings.

Chrysanthemums are also very popular for wedding flower bouquets and centrepieces. A bouquet containing a blend of peonies, sweet pea, irises, chrysanthemums, lilacs, and lilies is absolutely great and easy on the budget.

Summer Wedding Flowers

While planning for a summer wedding, find Alstromeria from a wedding florist in Kew Bridge that looks very much like orchids. Alstromeria has more blossoms per stem that makes them quite economical. They are available in various colours, and can stay fresh for a longer time.

Dahlias are another great and inexpensive choice, specifically if the wedding is going to take place in the late summer. Think of a bouquet consisting Alstromeria, dahlias, chrysanthemums, daisies, and tiger lilies for elegant colour and style.

Winter Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers of red and white colour in winter looks tremendously elegant. Red along with white symbolises joy, and looks simply amazing. Star of Bethlehem with its sweet white blossoms resembling stars look extraordinary when paired with amaryllis and poinsettias. Include eucalyptus to your winter wedding bouquets and centrepieces to enhance the beauty of other flowers even more.

Tropical Wedding Flowers

Tropical wedding flowers usually contain a blend of Anthurium, Proteas, bird of paradise, tuberose, and Heliconia, which are quite expensive. You can still add them to create a fabulous bouquet and a centrepiece by getting them from the local flower shop near Kew Bridge without breaking your budget. Use them sparingly to create a scene. Do not overuse.

Beach Themed Wedding Flowers

If you are planning your marriage on the beach, then the floral decoration includes some local flower varieties native to that place. It may include hibiscus, wisteria vines, and crepe myrtle and palm fronds. If you do not know what is available locally, then ask a local florist in the area about the choices available at reasonable rates.

Flowers are used to decorate the entrance, the lawn, and outside area of the venue. The floral decoration is also done on the table as the centrepiece, the church, as well as the reception area. Not to forget that even the wedding car in which bride and groom cruises away is decorated with flowers.

Wedding is the best time of the life, and including nature’s beautiful creation will truly lift you up with its beauty and aroma. Its brilliance can feed the soul, the beauty, and tenderness of the attendants that no other thing can replace. Only flowers allow us to express emotions and sentiments explicitly. Flowers are indeed the most beautiful and essential part of any kind of celebration.