How To Look After Cut Flowers

Flower Station is dedicated to delivering fresh and long lasting flower gift to all our customers. We have made a guide on what do to once you have received your bouquet or flower arrangements to ensure they last as long as possible. Please read this guide carefully as we have seen too often that misplacing the flowers or neglecting them can shorten the life of flowers. Here are few simple ideas and tips which require just a few minutes of your time on daily basis.

All our flowers have been conditioned prior to setting off for delivery. We try to maintain a strict flowers policy of disposing of all old flowers and we receive daily deliveries of fresh flowers straight from the grower. We have done everything on our part, now it is your turn to do the rest.

Cutting Flowers and Using The Correct Technique

When cutting flowers, please make sure to use a sharp utensil such as clippers or knives.  Using scissors, which is a common mistake, can actually destroy the flowers and prevent proper water intake. Ensuring you follow this instruction you are on the right path.  Once you have cut the flowers please make sure they go immediately into water as air can enter the cut stems and prevent them from absorbing water properly. General rule is too cut around one inch from bottom using a 45 degree angle. Cutting at this angle makes a large area available to the flowers for water intake. This is very important. If there are any leaves or foliage in water please removed them in order to prevent bacteria from infecting the water and prevents the smell it causes as a result.

Water Preservatives For Flowers and Water Temperature For Flowers

Ideal temperature for flowers should be between 100 -110 F , unless you are using tulips or hyacinths which require cold water. Why use warm water? Warm water moves faster and will most likely reach the head of the flowers much faster ensuring it lasts longer. Another way to increase longevity of flowers is by using preservatives. We provide flower food with all deliveries as well as using them when preparing a hand tied bouquet. All our bouquets are delivered in “Aqua” pack, wrapped in cellophane and filled with water which has been infused with flower food.

Please ensure to take time daily and try to change the water on daily basis to avoid from bacterial infection to all the stems.  Re-cutting flowers does not have to be a daily routine but too ensure your flowers last for as long as possible then re-cutting them is the best option. Please remember to cut at a 45 degree angle and to use a sharp knife or a cutter. Remove dead blooms and petals as they can enter the water and spread the bacteria.

Display the flowers in a cool spot. Displaying them in direct sunlight can generally case the flowers to dehydrate. Same goes to placing the flowers near radiators, vents or and items which can give off heat.

This looking after your flowers guide is brought to you by Flower Station. You can find plenty of guides online on looking after your flowers, however we have prepared a simple guide which, if followed, should make a long lasting gift.

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