24th Mar 2020

Tips for Sending Wedding Flowers as a Gift to the Bride and Groom

Author: Flower Station

Tips for Sending Wedding Flowers as a Gift to the Bride and Groom

Sending flowers to the bride and groom for their nuptials is a beautiful way to express your feelings about the joyful event. If you are wondering about the meaning of flowers, we have collected some safe tips for you. And there are alternatives to sending flowers on the wedding day, too.

Wedding Flowers

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Since times immemorial, flowers and plants have been connected with certain and sometimes specific meanings by humans. This knowledge was almost lost during the 20th century, but many would still like to know about it. When looking up such meanings on the internet or in books, you should be aware that they differ from country to country. To make it even more confusing, there are regional differences, too, and local meanings might be completely divergent from general use.

When choosing flowers to send on the occasion of a wedding, you might want to know about their meaning. But don’t let yourself be deterred from choosing the flowers and colours you like. If you didn’t know and had to find out, chances are nobody else is fluent in flower language, either. If you want to play it safe, then white is the colour to go for, and for weddings that is quite practical. On the other hand, you might want to send a colourful bouquet to a bridal couple on their wedding day, or to their home or honeymoon address. A quick look at the meaning of flowers will help you make sure you’re not causing offence unwittingly.

Don’t Send Yellow Flowers

As a general rule, don’t send yellow flowers, they often have negative associations in many cultures and countries. If a bit of yellow is needed in the bouquet of your choice, use  freesias - the freesia means innocence, trust, and friendship in any colour. They also have a lovely scent which makes them a worthwhile addition to any bouquet.

Freesia Bouquet

Roses Are a Safe Option

Any bouquet containing  roses is a safe bet to show your appreciation. Large or small gerberas, too, are a good choice to express happiness and cheerfulness. If you are invited to the wedding, you might want to add camellias as an expression of your gratitude; and if you were invited but unable to attend, hydrangeas would ask for friendly understanding towards your plight. In any bouquet, you may add some apple blossoms to convey your wishes of good fortune. In any case, don’t forget to add a card to say what you really mean, because most people won’t be able to read flower code.

Rose Bouquet

Be Unique with Destination Flowers at Their Honeymoon

Usually, there are a lot of flowers at weddings anyhow. You could stand out from the crowd by ordering flowers for the happy couple in a different way. If they are going on a honeymoon immediately after the wedding, they would certainly enjoy receiving flowers at their destination. Make contact with the parents of either bride or groom to find out their holiday address and have flowers delivered to the couple’s hotel or their holiday apartment. A beautiful hand-tied bouquet of pink  roses and delphiniums would be the perfect gift.
Rose and Delphinium Bouquet

Help for a Comfortable Transition After the Wedding

An even better idea might be having flowers delivered on their return from their honeymoon. The return from cloud nine to humdrum everyday life is not the most joyous part of the wedding process. A gift of flowers to sweeten the transition from an extraordinary string of events into daily routine will be appreciated. It will also be remembered by the recipients as a well thought out surprise. A flower arrangement of  plants is also a good idea - that could be enjoyed for longer at home!

Orchid and Aloe Plant

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