6th Jul 2022

7 Top Bridal Bouquets Ideas

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7 Top Bridal Bouquets Ideas

For over a decade we have been producing warm moments for our brides bringing them top-quality bridal bouquets. We strive to achieve excellence in every wedding and you can rest assured, with our experience and expertise, we can guarantee an amazing service every single time. Our team will help you choose the right bridal bouquet, in the right colour scheme, for the right budget. Though we specialise in the more classical English style, we consider all requests and are always keen to work closely with our clients in the design phase to make sure every element of your bouquet fits perfectly. Here is a list of bridal bouquets ideas our wedding florists can create for your special day. 

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Peony Bridal Bouquets for Your Spring Wedding

This peony bridal bouquet is the picture of bridal perfection brought to life. As a single, stand-alone pink bridal bouquet, these pink peonies work wonderfully with some small touches of greenery just to offset the impact of the composition. The large, bold, and distinctive petals of the peonies catch the eye immediately, their heads opening to reveal a dense and luxurious texture. There is no more opulent and extravagant flower than the peony and delivered here as they are, wrapped and displayed with two dozen white rose heads on the morning of the wedding day is something truly special.

With the thematic focus of the wedding centering on ‘springtime’, peonies are the perfect spring wedding flowers. Strong enough to work as a single-flower bouquet, they add more than a dash of sophistication while also working to bring a real sense of flamboyance to an otherwise simple arrangement.

Sweet Peas Wedding Bouquets

These mixed sweet pea wedding bouquets are sure to turn heads up and down the aisle. Characterized by their large petals and exuberant, wave-like shape, sweet-peas make a great statement as part of a larger bouquet or as simply tied together in white, purple, and pink. A mass of undulating colour and texture, the sweet peas are an ideal choice for creating a fun-loving and carefree atmosphere where more traditional or formal flowers might seem too old-fashioned. Put in conjunction with the other wedding bouquets in this set, the sweet-peas act as a fizzling, fiery complement to the larger, slightly more sober wedding flower arrangements. Featuring a more neutral and traditional colour palette, the three larger bouquets in the set, including the bridal bouquet, set a different tone to the sweet peas.

The white bridal bouquet was composed of white David Austin roses, green and white hydrangeas, and three variations of greenery wrapped in satin binding producing a shade of glamour and a refined, adult finesse. The greens and whites help balance the composition as a whole while the sweet peas wedding bouquets carried by bride’s maids add frivolity and a dramatic splash of colour across the scene. Evaluating the relative merits and the viability of certain combinations, our florists always strive to produce beautiful and balanced bridal floral designs paying close attention to the needs and requirements of the clients themselves. Here, for example, they managed and juxtaposed, on the one hand, the bride’s desire for extravagance, with a more measured and serious design on the other.

Red Rose Wedding Bouquets

Sometimes, stripping back to the basics can be extremely rewarding. This is as true with floristry as with any other subject. We present to you this simple but exquisite red rose wedding bouquet bringing all excess and extravagance back to a clean, simple, and extremely effective equilibrium. Working with a couple to achieve a ‘Valentines’ wedding aesthetic for their ceremony in February, our team designed and produced simple and nostalgic rose dome wedding bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaids.

A luxurious choice that instantly conjures a sense of the romantic, the red rose wedding bouquets were hand-tied with gold silk ribbons to add to the feeling of indulgence before being taken to the venue by one of our delivery drivers. Made with the finest fresh grand Prix roses from Holland, the deep red and scented rose heads were ideal as stand-alone flowers in a bouquet. With enough charisma and strength to command attention on their own, there was no risk of these wedding bouquets looking insubstantial. The texture and volume created by the number of roses together are striking in their own right, providing this particular wedding party with a definite kind of bombast.

Bridal Bouquets with Red and Pink Roses and Lisianthus

We worked with a client to achieve a set of wedding bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids that reflected their ‘wild at heart’ theme. Our florists designed large and loosely tied wedding flower arrangements for the natural aesthetic. The red colour scheme and colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses are acknowledged in the choice of red garden roses and red silk ribbons for the fastening. Combining with the red, pink roses and lisianthus add a dash of colour and a sense of messy chic that draws attention to the Mediterranean feel of the eucalyptus foliage.

Focusing on developing a free-flowing, easy sense of naturalism in these wedding bouquets, our floristry team allowed ample space between the different flowers, creating the illusion of a wild and completely natural composition. Recalling wild-flower bouquets and an atmosphere of serenity, elegant beauty, and country charm coupled with the flair of originality.

Traditional White Wedding Bouquet with Roses and Freesias

A bold and distinctive white bridal bouquet composed of white ‘avalanche’ roses and freesias. This traditional wedding bouquet adds a dash of audacity and charm with dazzling diamond pins.

Working with the clients to produce wedding floral arrangements for the bride and bridesmaids, our wedding florists were under instruction to follow specifically traditional lines in terms of design and composition, prompting them to develop a series of bouquets recalling the world of the ’60s. With classic white roses from Holland, fresh purple freesias, and sprouting green ferns, these wedding floral designs were full of the fun and verve of the '60s while playing consciously to the refined and restrained English style. The overall effect is one of drama and opulence kept in check by the elegant design and the beautiful, pure white roses.

Autumn Wedding Bouquet with Hypericum Berries, Eucalyptus and White Roses

A gorgeous bridal bouquet delicately composed of white roses, eucalyptus, and red hypericum berries. This wedding bouquet is a masterclass of contemporary modern design delivering a sophisticated and nuanced display. The ample texture provided by the eucalyptus and the large heads of the white roses capture attention and give the bouquet an elegant emphasis. Contributing to the overall effect, the hypericum berries offer a subtle sense of autumn and call to mind the season of falling leaves and the equinox.

This was important for the clients as the wedding was to take place in mid-October in an outdoor location, and the autumn bridal bouquets needed to have elements that would reflect and compliment the environment. Combining a natural elegance with the more sophisticated appeal of the roses, this autumn wedding bouquet manages to balance two quite separate aesthetics, bringing together diverse styles to create something new and harmonious.

Luxurious Pink Rose Wedding Bouquet with Lisianthus and Lace Flowers

A flamboyant and richly decadent pink rose bridal bouquet, this design speaks instantly of luxury and opulence, personified by the beautiful, multi-stemmed pink spray roses that form the basis for the composition. After a brief to design a large and dynamic set of wedding bouquets for a wedding with a pink colour scheme, our team crafted a combination of classic pink roses, lisianthus, and delicate lace flowers. The wedding floral design offers a vibrant textured feel with the lace flower emerging from the other flowers while the lisianthus and the closed heads of the spray roses sprout in different directions.

The roses themselves hold the composition together, anchoring the design and bringing a sense of continuity in the chaos. The grandeur and extravagance of this wedding bouquet are achieved in bringing these elements together from the conception phase right through to the final completion and delivery on location. Though it may appear as one smooth process when viewing the final product, the stages of bringing an idea to fruition are varied and our team of experienced florists is experts in every respect.

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