14th Jun 2023

Best Flowers and Plants for Father’s Day (UK)

Author: Libbi Cohen

Best Flowers and Plants for Father’s Day (UK)

Father’s Day in the UK falls on 18th June, the start of summer, when flowers are in full bloom, making a fresh, fragrant bouquet the perfect Father’s Day gift!

Father's Day Flowers

Surprise your father with the freshest blooms, delivered the same day in London.

We’re not sure why, but flowers are often perceived as a feminine gift, suitable for women’s birthdays, Valentine’s day, or even Mother’s Day. But why can’t men enjoy a gorgeous flower display as much as women? Not only are flowers striking to the eye, but they are also one of the most personal gifts you can give a person. Each flower species grows in its own variety of colours, shapes and sizes, holding its own unique meaning, so there truly is a flower for everyone.

In today’s society, we simply can’t see why men can’t enjoy being treated with a vibrant floral display as much as women. However, if you still have your reservations about buying men flowers, we have included our favourite plants to give your loved father-figures as well.

How to decide which flowers your Dad will like best?

If your Dad isn’t already into his flowers or gardening, a good place to start is considering his character traits. For example, what’s his favourite colour? Is he delicate and sensitive, in which case more dainty flowers would be best? Or is he bold and assertive, in which case you may prefer more of a statement bouquet?

Still unsure? What about creating a bouquet made up of flowers that are the same colour as his favourite sports team? For example, if your Dad is a big Arsenal supporter, a bouquet of red roses would be ideal. You could then team up your bouquet with other small gifts, such as tickets to an upcoming match, or a football shirt.

These are just some thinking points to get you started… Below, we have listed our favourite bouquets that we have shortlisted especially for Father’s Day.

1 - Dani Boy

This is a perfect bouquet for Father’s Day, with bright, eye-catching blooms of yellow and blue, with plenty of bright green foliage. We have combined yellow roses, blue hydrangeas, blue forget-me-nots, marguerite daisies and plenty of foliage, all of which have been carefully hand-tied by one of our expert florists.

2 - Hello Yellow

This vibrant bouquet of sunshine is an amazing way to brighten up anyone’s day - and who is more deserving of that than your Dad? Made up of yellow roses, carnations, limonium and spiky thistle, this bouquet perfectly captures the essence of Spring!

3 - Rose Delight

This is a classic bouquet of roses with a generous amount of foliage. You can speak to one of our florists, or select from a range of colours on our website. We are currently offering this bouquet in either white, pink, red, orange or yellow, so there is something for everyone! Roses are definitely a safe choice as a gift for someone who doesn’t know much about flowers as these have long been the all-time favourite flower. Each bouquet contains a generous 15 roses, together with plenty of eucalyptus.

4 - Lilies in a vase

Make your Dad’s day this Father’s Day with this stunningly elegant bouquet of fragrant lilies and eucalyptus greenery in a gorgeous, glass vase. We are currently offering these in either pink or red, but feel free to pop into one of our flower shops or speak to our florists for other options.


Still not convinced that men can appreciate a wonderful bouquet as much as women? Don’t worry, we have you sorted - opt for a striking plant instead. What’s so great about plants is that they last much longer than flowers and can become a staple addition to any room, whether it be on a windowsill in the bedroom or on an office desk! We have a wide variety of plants on offer, but we have narrowed down our five favourites for Father’s Day.

1 - Orchid

You simply can never go wrong with an orchid! These plants are a classic, perfect for any occasion. Our orchids are magnificently large, with two stems, and have been carefully planted in a large ceramic pot, with green moss on top. We offer these in a classic white, or pink.

2 - Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees brighten up any space, adding a touch of greenery to your home or workspace. This is a great alternative to a bouquet, especially if you have your hesitations about gifting your Dad with flowers. The approximate height of our Bonsai trees is 22 centimetres. We have planted these in a gorgeous ceramic pot to give it a smart, classic look.

3 - Emerald Palm

This is the perfect indoor plant, with its deep green leaves. It needs to be placed carefully, away from direct sunlight. However, this plant is not suitable for households with cats! Its approximate height is 55 centimetres.

4 - Calathea Gem

This is a beautiful plant, with large, dark wide leaves. It comes nicely arranged in a white ceramic pot with moss on top. It has an approximate height of 50 cm.

5 - Kentia and Ivy Bowl

The beauty about this plant is its lifespan. These plants last for a while, making them a great addition to any home, looking fabulous in any kitchen, living room, bedroom or office!

Of course, no plant or bouquet of flowers is complete without an accompanying box of chocolates! Check out our luxury box that we have created in partnership with the award-winning chocolatier Sunday in Scotland. This box consists of two trays of assortments of artisan luxury chocolates. The wide selection of delicious chocolates makes this a perfect gift for Father’s Day to share with the rest of the family.

Have we inspired you? Check out our website or pop into one of our stores and find the perfect gift for your Dad this Father’s Day! 

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