4th Nov 2020

Best Flowers to Send for a Birthday

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Best Flowers to Send for a Birthday

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and fun birthday gift for a friend or loved one, it’s hard to go wrong with a cheerful bouquet of flowers. However, it is not always clear what to go for for a particular person.

A boyfriend, husband, mother, friend, or a work colleague will all have different preferences, and different flowers have different meanings and their symbolism can take a whole new dimension when send on a special occasion.

Our recommendation is to always think of the recipient and to feel secure that any gift of flowers will make them feel that they have been thought of and appreciated on their special day.

Best Birthday Flowers for a Friend

If you are looking to send flowers for a friend’s birthday just focus on choosing a bright and colourful arrangement that radiates happiness and cheerfulness. Stay away from red roses as they are regarded as a romantic flower and it’s best not to give the wrong impression. That said,  mixing red roses with other colours is fine and the overall feel of the bouquet will not necessarily be romantic.

To make their day brighter a  vibrant multi colored gerbera bouquet will work wonders. You can also mix different flowers. For example, a gorgeous bouquet of gerberas, roses and purple lisianthus will always make a big impression.

Best Birthday Flowers for a Wife or Girlfriend

Absolute symbol of love and romance, red roses should not just be confined to Valentine’s Day. They remain the go-to flowers on any occasion when it comes to pleasing your wife or girlfriend.

Nothing will ever beat red roses in saying “I love you”. Go for a  luxury bouquet of 50 fresh flowers if you wish to go big and express your unconditional love.

Another good option to gift your loved one are  orchids. They’re different from your standard bouquet of flowers and that means they’re perfect for that special someone that you feel just a bit different about.

Best Birthday Flowers for a Family Member

Whether it’s your mother, sister or grandma - don’t take them for granted and show them that you love them with a colorful bouquet.

Symbol of caring and attachment, tulips are a great pick. Choose them pink, the colour of platonic love, or purple, the colour of admiration.

You can never go wrong with  liliestoo - they represent happiness and positivity, making them the ideal birthday flower. Send your mum, grandma, sister or friend a bunch of lilies that would brighten their special day.

The wonderful thing about sending flowers or plants as a gift is that you simply cannot go wrong. But to make the birthday extra special, you can choose something that will really impress them. A favourite colour or type of flower and if you feel inclined, why not add some chocolates, a cuddle soft toy or a bottle of champagne. Another useful idea is to add a  vase, especially if you feel they may not have one already or one suitable for the size of the bouquet you are sending.

Best Birthday Flowers for a Coworker

Remember,  plantscan also be good birthday gifts. This especially works if you know what kind of plant your coworker would like. The benefit of sending a plant is that it comes in a permanent container which in itself will be something nice and appropriate for the plant. Additionally, if well looked after, the plant will last a long time and hopefully (and depending on the plant) it may still be alive on their next birthday.

Of course you can gift a flower bouquet to your coworker too. You can go with a bright  sunflower bouquet as they symbolise loyalty and adoration.

Best Birthday Flowers for Him

In this modern age we live in, we have experienced sending lots more flowers and plant gifts to men and we feel that men should enjoy these gifts as well. It used to be seen as inappropriate to send men flowers on their birthday and more likely that to be something more manly like aftershave. But these days, men are much more in touch with nature and beauty and most that we have seen, are extremely touched by receiving flowers. Naturally, they will be even more touched to revive a bottle of champagne with it! Don’t forget a  vaseas this is still the early days in this modern era and not all men have a selection of appropriate vases.

You can go with a  tropical bouquet in one color tone that could suit your boyfriend’s taste or a Croton plant for him to look after at home.

Birthdays are a special time to celebrate when you can show gratitude, kindness, and love through unique bouquets that really accent your loved ones’ personality and your favourite aspects of your relationship.

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