9th Aug 2022

December Birth Flowers and Their Meanings

Author: Libbi Cohen

December Birth Flowers and Their Meanings

Holly and Narcissus - The December Birth Flowers


December is perhaps the most magical time of the year, marked by the warmth and cosiness of Christmas and New Year. For this reason, it is only natural that one of December’s birth flowers is Holly! While Holly is not a flower, but rather a plant, its dark green leaves, and bright red berries are symbolic of Christmas time. 

Holly plants have been used for decades for seasonal decoration. However, prior they were also viewed as a form of protection against evil spirits and a symbol of fertility. To this day, Holly is also symbolic of happiness, good fortune, and joy. 

Aside from using Holly as a Christmas decoration, make sure to include it in a bouquet for a special someone with a December birthday so they can be reminded of just how merry and special their birth month is!

What Does Holly Say About Those Born in December? 

Since Holly flowers symbolise positivity and happiness, they reflect that December babies are warm and caring and, just like Holly, they are beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. The prickly leaf of the Holly represents December babies’ love for a challenge and their determined attitudes.


Narcissus is the other December birth flower. It is a white flower with a beautiful scent, which blooms in the winter. Narcissus symbolises that you want your loved one to remain exactly the way they are. These flowers also symbolise simplicity and purity because of their paperwhite petals.

What Does Narcissus Say About Those Born in December? 

Since the Narcissus symbolises purity, this flower tells us that December babies are kind and warm. Another interesting fact about the Narcissus flower is that the term ‘narcissus’ stems from the Greek god Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection upon catching sight of it in a river. He was so absorbed in his reflection that he eventually drowned in that river. While some may therefore view the Narcissus as having negative connotations of being self-obsessed, it is more often viewed as a symbol of self-improvement and change. This tells us that those born in December are ambitious and positive. Despite both December birth flowers having different appearances and meanings, they both symbolise positivity, happiness and hope. Whether you are looking to decorate your home to create a festive feel, or simply looking to give someone the perfect birthday bouquet, these December birth flowers are an excellent choice.

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