New Home Flowers 

Brighten up a friend or family’s new home with some beautiful housewarming fresh flowers and plants.

  • The Ridgeway

    The Ridgeway


        The Ridgeway A flower arrangement made to impress. An exclusive selection of superb blooms of fresh hydrangeas and the ever classic cascading orchid beautifully arranged in a luxury glass vase. We operate a seven day...

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  • autumn-bouquet

    Autumn in Marylebone


        Autumn in Marylebone Pure joy for all the senses put together in this hand tied bouquet that brings the best of the season. Miss Piggy roses, cream dahlias, mauve proteas, chinese lanterns and autumnal foliage; it could not have...

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  • Calathea Gem

    Calathea Gem


      Calathea Gem One of the favourite indoor plants that will surprise you for their reaction to the light. This Calathea comes nicely arranged in a ceramic pot. Note that the pot might vary due to stock and availability. (Approx...

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  • Kentia And Ivy Bowl

    Kentia And Ivy Bowl


        Kentia & Ivy Bowl A very long lasting option for many a household, or an office. This plant combination of mini kentia palms and ivy is a great contemporary arrangement that will do well on any office table, or a modern...

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    Double Stemmed White Orchid

    Double Stemmed White Orchid

    £45.00 £37.99

        Double Stemmed White Orchid An absolute classic! Whenever you’re not sure about the gift that you may want to send to your loved one, rest assured that the white phalaenopsis orchids will always do the trick, no matter what...

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  • Potted Bromelia

    Potted Bromelia


      Potted Bromelia A true beauty. This colourful Bromelia plant would be the perfect gift for any household, since it requires very little care. Nicely arranged in a ceramic pot, it will stay flowered all year round. Note that the...

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  • Dried Autumn Bouquet

    Dried Autumn Bouquet


        Dried Autumn Bouquet In full trend this season, dried flowers are so IN this time of the year. This long-lasting bouquet, made with dried amarelino milka, Lunaria, lavender, pepperbes and hill flowers, will decorate your...

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  • Potted Kentia Palm

    Potted Kentia Palm


        Potted Kentia Palm Add new vibes to your favourite room and bring some tropical feeling with a beautiful Kentia Palm, a plant that also improves air quality. Perfect as a house and/or office plant, this kentia comes in a...

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  • Pink Orchidea

    Pink Orchidea


        Pink Orchidea An exotic flavour of the East can be brought to any household or an office with this special arrangement of pink phalaenopsis plants in a hand made clear glass bowl. Expertly designed by our master florists and...

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  • Broadway



        Broadway Let the show continue we say with this luxurious edition of stunning and huge phalaenopsis orchids and hydrangeas in a handmade cylinder glass vase. When one needs to impress – we definitely recommend this...

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  • Honey Bee

    Honey Bee


    Honey Bee A combination of sweet peach luxury Ecuadorian roses, gerbera, purple lisianthus and French baby blue eucalyptus mixed with green dianthus (carnations). This is an absolute gem of a flower bouquet, perfect for a new baby girl, or just a...

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  • White Roses

    White Roses


        White Roses An elegant, simple and a sophisticated flower gift. This arrangement comes with a dozen white roses, perfectly presented to your loved one. Vase not included but you can add it up. We operate a seven day...

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    Love Island (OUT OF STOCK)

    Love Island (OUT OF STOCK)

    £52.00 £44.99

      Love Island A stunning plant arrangement in a ceramic bowl. The elegance of pink orchids, the strenght of the Aloe Vera and the beauty of a Succulent merged together to delight your senses. Perfect as a housewarming gift. Note that the...

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