Orchid Arrangements

Bringing a taste of something tropical to the heart of London and the UK, our range of orchids will delight and excite in equal measure. With online ordering safe and easy, you can have any of our selection of plants on your doorstep within 24 hours. With a service that snappy, why wait?

  • Double Stemmed Pink Orchid

    Double Stemmed Pink Orchid


    Potted Pink Orchid A great baby girl gift with a large pink phalaenopsis orchid that’s been skilfully placed into a beautiful ceramic container. This is also an every day gift and a favourite of many We operate a seven day delivery service in...

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  • Double Stemmed White Orchid

    Double Stemmed White Orchid


    Double Stemmed White Orchid An absolute classic! Whenever you’re not sure about the gift that you may want to send to your loved one, rest assured that the white phalaenopsis orchids will always do the trick, no matter what the occasion. This...

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  • Orchids In A Bowl

    Orchids In A Bowl


    Orchids In A Bowl A dramatic arrangement of three orchid plants. This arrangement would make a wonderful present for any occasion, particularly that of a new born baby. Set in a light blue ceramic bowl, the pink of the orchid blossoms is a delight to...

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  • Pink Orchidea

    Pink Orchidea


    Pink Orchidea An exotic flavour of the East can be brought to any household or an office with this special arrangement of pink phalaenopsis plants in a hand made clear glass bowl. Expertly designed by our master florists and beautifully presented and...

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  • Potted Pink Orchid

    Potted Pink Orchid


    Potted Pink Orchid Bursting with colour and the instantly recognisable blooms, this pink potted orchid is a magnificent testament to the beauty and vibrancy of the natural world. The perfect house plant, this orchid comes in a white ceramic pot with a...

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  • Shine Bright

    Shine Bright


    Shine Bright A bouquet that calls to mind a distinctly vintage feel, we are happy to present to you this combination of large, white hydrangeas and white Phalaenopsis orchids. Pure and fresh with various tones of white, while also infused with flashes...

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  • Tropical Traditional

    Tropical Traditional


    Tropical Traditional The bright splash of yellow from the daisies is tempered by the light green Phalaenopsis and luxurious white ‘Avalanche’ roses. Seasonal foliage completes the design and, it is fair to say, is an example of a finely...

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  • White and Green Elegance

    White and Green Elegance


    White & Green Elegance A lush and elegant bouquet of flowers that’s expertly designed with amazing twists of steel grass and brilliant white orchids. The bouquet also includes white hydrangea, green anthurium and green spray chrysanthemum ...

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  • White Dendrobium

    White Dendrobium


    White Dendrobium Dendrobium orchids are second only to the phalaenopsis plants in terms of their popularity and are an excellent gift whenever needing to impress. This particular orchid comes in a glass tank vase that’s been filled up to the top...

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