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Beautiful lilies are one of most popular flower choices in the Uk. They are often used in flower arrangements as well as most of bouquets. Our selection of bouquets with lilies gives you all you need. Amazing looking lilies bouquets with our lilies delivery service throughout London and in UK. If you cant find the lilies you are after then please give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.


Lilies have been cultivated for more than 3000 years. Christians held the lily as the symbol of purity and innocence. The Greeks associated the flower with birth and motherhood, whilst also making the lily into a symbol of high eroticism and sexuality. In France the lily is identified with Fleur-de-lys; with each passage symbolic of 1) royalty, 2) prosperity, 3) expanse. From our London shop and our eco vans we have been delivering these messages all through Greater London and and anywhere else in the UK, always finding an efficient way to your loved one’s door. It is said that dreaming of lilies means that it’s the right time for you to act upon a long sought after aim. And with our premium brand of lilies we hope to help you in this endeavour here at Flower Station, just let us know when.


All our lilies are grown in Holland where they are grown all year round and as they are delivered directly to us from growers, their freshness is virtually guaranteed. To optimise and capitalise even more on such facts here are a few facts to give your fresh flowers an even longer vase life. Upon receiving you flower delivery cut off the stems at a steep angle and remove any leaves that may fall below the water line. Make sure to change water every day and do add a sachet of flower food on the first day and thereafter on the third day of receiving your flower arrangement. Do keep your lilies away from sunlight and heat. To keep pollen from staining your clothes, do remember to take out the stamen as the lily opens. In case of stains, an effective way to remove pollen is to use sticky tape. Lily pollen is also poisonous to cats, so it is important to check your recipient does not own any before despatching your floral gift.