11th Aug 2022

November Birth Flowers and Their Meanings

Author: Libbi Cohen

November Birth Flowers and Their Meanings

November is a month of anticipation, just after the festivities of Halloween and building up towards the celebrations of Christmas and New Year. While November is an exciting month for many, it is most exciting for those born in November who will not yet be making their Christmas wish-lists until they have received everything on their birthday wish-list!

For a month that is all about preparing for the next month’s festivities, it is important to make November babies feel special. We can’t think of a better way to do this, than gifting them their November birth flower, the Chrysanthemum. A bouquet filled with these beauties would be the most thoughtful present of all. 

The Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a vibrant, bright, and joyous flower, adding a burst of life and colour to the chill of November - early Christmas lights don’t need to be the only thing to brighten up November nights

The Chrysanthemum symbolises friendship, honesty, cheerfulness, generosity and loyalty. It is also thought that bringing a bouquet of these flowers into a home will bring good luck and happiness to that household.

Chrysanthemums bloom in a variety of sizes and colours, but they are most commonly found in pinks, yellows, and reds. A fun fact about the Chrysanthemum is that it gets its name from the Greek words ‘chrysos’, which means gold, and ‘anthemon’, which means flower.

These flowers were first grown in China in the 15th century and were so popular that lots of Chinese poets referenced the Chrysanthemum in their popular works.

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In Japan, the flower is appreciated so much that there is an annual festival called the Festival of Happiness dedicated to the Chrysanthemum, celebrated every year.

Both Japanese and Chinese cultures recognise these flowers as symbols of youth, with some people even believing that the flower can prevent grey hair! These flowers are also used to flavour teas and wines across Asia, by steaming and boiling the leaves.

What Does the Chrysanthemum Say About Those Born in December?

Since the Chrysanthemum symbolises happiness and friendship, they represent the friendly and cheery nature of November babies. Moreover, the flower’s connotations of generosity reflect the generous nature of November babies, who are well-known for being generous with their time, attention, and their money.

What About the Other November Birth Flower?

While all the other months of the year have a second birth flower that represents it, November only has one. We think the Chrysanthemum is so beautiful and vibrant that it is special all on its own. 

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