24th Mar 2020

A Chrysanthemum Every Season, For Any Reason

Author: Flower Station

A Chrysanthemum Every Season, For Any Reason

I do like a great fighter and especially a great comeback fighter. Chrysanthemum flowers are actually just that. After a long period of not being very popular and being considered as quite common and cheap even, they are now back with a bang. I guess flowers really are similar to fashionable items and designs. One moment you’re hot and popular, the next moment you’re old, squeaky and unwanted. 

Well, not so with chrysanthemums anymore and this is especially reflected in our online flower sales whereby more and more people are sending chrysanthemums as flowers of popular choice. So much so in fact that I find myself not only writing about them, but we are looking to propel them to one of the more popular flowers (close to roses) and more of their products are on the way, so watch this space as our expert florists are already putting their great minds onto this subject matter.

The meaning of chrysanthemums varies, but they normally stand for admiration, love, happiness, cheerfulness and praise. If sending flowers to a great friend, you really will struggle with a better choice of flowers. As with many other flowers, the colours are also important and sending a red bunch of chrysanthemums will express love, whilst a white colour will have connotations of innocence, purity and truth. 

The chrysanthemum is also a flower of the zodiac sign Scorpio and a great idea would be to send a bouquet of hand tied chrysanthemums to your loved one, if he or she is of this zodiac sign. This wonderful flower also has an astonishing list of alternative names such as wild chamomile, bachelor’s buttons, featherfew, featherfoil, ox-eye daisy, dun daisy, Ju Jua. More astonishing even is that the sunflower is also in the chrysanthemum flower family!

The cultural significance of chrysanthemums is very diverse as it is one of the oldest cultivated flowers ever. In both Japan and China, it is seen as the symbol of the sun and it is considered a noble flowers. In Japan (where the sun is a symbol of the nation) the chrysanthemum is the actual symbolic flower of the nation and its name literally translates as ‘Sun Origin’

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Chrysanthemum plants also make fine gifts. And apart from being wonderful, they will not drain your pocket as they are quite cheap and will provide all the colour your garden needs. Especially when the summer is about to end and most people start to just about give up on their gardens. They are easily potted and as they are hardy (unlike most summer plants), they will come back year after year. Meaning that you don’t have to discard them, just wait for the blooms to reappear next year.

So, let this be chrysanthemum’s year. Forget the plant snobs and the foolish critics. Chrysanthemums are in now and set to stay for a long time to come.

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