27th Sep 2022

Best Winter Wedding Bouquets Ideas

Author: Libbi Cohen

Best Winter Wedding Bouquets Ideas

Regardless of how glamorous or expensive your wedding dress is, your bridal look is not complete without a stunning bridal bouquet! Flowers are naturally beautiful and coming in a wide variety of colours, sizes and shapes, there is a flower to match the aesthetic of every bride.

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Winter is becoming an increasingly popular time of year for a wedding, and with the variety of seasonal shades and bouquets to choose from, we can understand why! When choosing flowers for your wedding, you must absolutely decide on seasonal flowers. Having seasonal blooms will not only ensure that your wedding will have a seasonal look and a wintery atmosphere, but they are also much cheaper than off-season flowers. Seasonal, festive, wintery flowers will add the perfect touch to your overall wedding look. If you’re not sure which flowers are in season, or simply cannot decide which flowers to have for your wedding bouquet, then you have come to the right place. We have created a list of our favourite seasonal blooms for a winter wedding, so keep reading and find the inspiration you’ve been searching for.

A traditional, wintery white bouquet

White is the colour most commonly associated with brides, with many brides all over the world opting for a white wedding bouquet to accompany their white wedding dress. While a monochromatic white bouquet may sound boring, you have to remember that no flower is the same, even if they are the same colour! Combine white roses and  white lilies with baby’s breath and eucalyptus, tied together with a white ribbon.

А warm, winter bouquet

For the more unconventional bride who wants to steer away from a traditional white wedding,  flowers of warm shades of pink are an excellent way to add some vibrancy and warmth to their special day. Combine roses of warm shades of pink, together with pink peonies and a generous amount of seasonal greenery.

А red, forest-inspired bouquet

For a wintery,  Christmas-like bridal look, filled with tones of red and green. Combine red  dahlias,  red roses, bougainvillaea, red berries, snowberries and a very generous amount of foliage. While white is perhaps the most famous and popular colour for weddings, red is certainly the colour of winter!

A natural, nude bouquet

For brides who aren’t a fan of the traditional white bouquet, but want a simplistically beautiful bridal look, neutral pastel tones are the perfect choice. Add  dusty pink roses, white roses, pink bougainvillaea and grey-green toned eucalyptus.

A small, simple, monochrome white bouquet of lilies

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying ‘less is more’, and this can certainly be the case with bridal bouquets. For brides who want a classic and traditional all-white bridal look, but prefer minimalist, simplistic designs, a monochromatic bouquet of one type of flower is a wonderful choice. Bunch together  white lilies, with some greenery if you like, and tie together with a simple white ribbon, for a classic, timeless, yet wintery, bridal look.

A white monochromatic bouquet of hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a very popular flower due to their beautiful large heads. Due to their luscious, big blooms, these flowers look perfect just on their own. Simply bunch a generous amount of white hydrangeas together, adding some seasonal foliage, and tie your bouquet together with a simple string or ribbon.

A red and romantic bridal bouquet

Red is not only the colour of  Christmas, and subsequently of winter, but it is also the famous colour of love and romance. For a celebration of love in the middle of the holiday season, we can’t think of a more fitting colour for a bouquet than red. Simply add deep red roses, hypericum berries, baby’s breath and eucalyptus, for a bold and beautiful bridal bouquet that will be sure to impress your guests.

A colourful, vibrant bouquet for an unconventional bride

For those who want to catch the attention of their wedding guests with a  colourful, gorgeous bouquet that stands out from the traditional wedding look, this seasonal bouquet does the trick. Combine a fragrant selection of scented stocks, roses, snapdragons, delphiniums and a touch of greenery. Tie this together with a pink, white or silver ribbon.

Something Blue

We’ve all heard of the famous belief that every bride should have ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’. It is traditionally believed that the colour blue brings brides good fortune by deflecting the evil eye.  The colour blue is also said to represent love, fidelity and purity - the traditional qualities for a strong and successful marriage. So, what better way to incorporate the colour blue into your overall bridal look than in your bridal bouquet itself! Add blue hydrangeas, white roses of varying sizes and baby's breath, together with some eucalyptus for a bridal bouquet that emulates old bridal traditions, whilst also boasting the cold and icy tones of winter.

A bouquet filled with pine cones

The sight of pine cones falling from the branches of pine trees is one of the earliest and most exciting signs that winter is arriving. Since pine cones are one of the most common symbols of winter, and subsequently of Christmas, we can’t think of a better filler for your winter wedding bouquet. Simply bunch together your favourite winter blooms and add a generous amount of pine cones to give your bouquet an extra wintery feel. We recommend a combination of white amaryllis, red roses, ilex berries, blue pine and plenty of foliage.

A natural-looking bouquet of green and white

This  green and white bouquet contains plenty of foliage and natural, earthy shades of green, together with bursts of white, adding a traditional touch to your bridal bouquet. Combine snapdragons, plenty of green foliage, some white roses, white crane brassica and baby’s breath. For a finishing touch, tie this bouquet together with a thick white ribbon.

wedding is an outstandingly beautiful occasion and is one of the most memorable and exciting days in a couple’s life. We have been creating bespoke wedding bouquets and flower arrangements for weddings across the country for twenty years. Whether you know exactly what flowers you are looking for, or are still unsure, our team will help you to find your way through the seemingly overwhelming world of wedding flowers and find the perfect flowers for you. Every potential customer gets a free consultation with our wedding florists at our flagship store in Marylebone, London. This is a valuable opportunity for you to browse our portfolio, speak to our talented and experienced florists and take a look at different possibilities for your wedding flowers.

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