28th Oct 2022

Flower Inspo for a Spooky Halloween Wedding

Author: Libbi Cohen

Flower Inspo for a Spooky Halloween Wedding

Autumn is an increasingly popular time of the year for weddings, and with golden autumnal shades of yellow, brown and orange, we can understand why. What event better emulates autumn than Halloween? It is the most anticipated day of October, if not autumn altogether!

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The  festival of Halloween has been around for more than a thousand years. Its origins can be found in the Celtic festival, known as Samhain, where it was believed that the souls of the dead returned to their homes, so people dressed in costumes and lit bonfires to scare away the spirits. That is why popular Halloween figures such as ghosts and witches have become so heavily associated with the festival.

With the eccentricity, passion, eeriness, beauty and mystery of Halloween, a Halloween themed wedding is a perfect choice for an autumnal wedding. A Halloween style wedding can be very glamorous and sophisticated. Keep reading for some inspiration for your Halloween wedding flowers.

A Dramatic Halloween bouquet

For Halloween-obsessed brides, this witchy bouquet is the perfect choice! We recommend using a combination of  autumnal-tone flowers, using orange or yellow roses, yellow dahlias, orange pincushions and some orange-toned leaves.

Blood Red Roses Bouquet

For a romantically red, classic look simply combine  red roses, together with some foliage and eucalyptus for fillers. Tie together with silver ribbon for a finishing touch.

A Halloween Bridal Bouquet of Black Calla Lilies

The perfect bridal bouquet for a Halloween bride is a monochromatic bunch of black flowers. Our favourites are black calla lilies, which you can tie together with silver or black string for a finishing touch.

A Bridal Bouquet of Dried Flowers

Since Halloween is the festival of the dead, why not use  dried flowers instead of fresh blooms? Combine your favourite dried roses, together with some dried ivory and tie the bouquet together with white lace.

Dark Romance Bouquet

For a Halloween-inspired wedding, we can’t think of a better bridal bouquet than an arrangement of dark, mysterious blooms. Simply add red chrysanthemums, dark black calla lilies and a combination of black and red roses, with eucalyptus as greenery. Tie your bouquet together with a silver or black ribbon for a finishing touch.

Witch’s Potion Inspired Bouquet

Combine cream roses, mauve proteas,  red peonies, orange dahlias and seasonal greenery. Another stunning filler for this bouquet are ilex berries, adding to the autumnal feel as well as adding an extra burst of colour.

A Monochrome Bouquet of Purple Anemones

For a simplistically beautiful bridal bouquet, bunch together a generous amount of  anemone in your favourite Halloween shade. We suggest a witchy monochrome purple bouquet, or a pumpkin-inspired orange Halloween bouquet. Add your favourite seasonal greenery and tie together with an orange or purple ribbon! We suggest adding the opposite coloured ribbon to your choice of flowers. For example, if you’ve opted for a purple bouquet, use an orange ribbon.

A Halloween Bridal Bouquet for November Weddings

Since Halloween falls on the final day of October, why not look forward to November by boasting a bouquet of  November birth flowers. We recommend Halloween-toned shades of orange and yellow chrysanthemums and add celosia and plenty of greenery for your fillers.

A Bright Halloween Bridal Bouquet

Sunflowers are perhaps the happiest and brightest flowers of all, with their large stems and bright yellow petals. Halloween may be connected with death, but it is mostly a day of celebration and joy, and so is your wedding. Simply bunch together your favourite sunflowers and tie these together with a thick orange ribbon.

A Spooky Floral Bridal Veil

To incorporate flowers into your veil, we suggest using a mesh veil that you can easily insert flowers into. Simply add your favourite autumnal flowers! We suggest dark, spooky shades for a spooky Halloween bride!

A Halloween Flower Crown

For a gothic Halloween look, a black monochromatic flower crown is perfect. Simply add a generous amount black roses to your flower crown and you’re good to go! Or for a more smooth, but still a dramatic look, combine dark red roses with greenery.

An Icey Halloween Bride

Decorate your bridal flower crown with white anemone and baby’s breath for the final touch to your white, icey bridal look.

Halloween Boutonniere

Create a  boutonniere for the groom with dried orange flowers of your choice. You may also wish to combine the dried flowers with greenery.

Dark Gothic Boutonniere

Create a dark, mysterious gothic boutonniere from black or dark red calla lilies! Add red ilex berries for an additional spooky touch.

Unleash your creativity for your Halloween-inspired wedding. Halloween is ultimately a chance to be inventive and have some fun. Make sure to impress your wedding guests with show-stopping, outstanding Halloween flowers.

Get in touch with our wedding experts to express your desires and design the perfect Halloween wedding!

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