Potted Plants

Potted Plants

Our range of long lasting potted plants is perfect for those with green fingers and is the ideal gift purchase. Versatile and hardy, we have plants for the garden and house plants that can all be delivered to you nationwide. Send a plant as a gift for birthday or as a token of appreciation.

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    Double Stemmed Pink Orchid

    Double Stemmed Pink Orchid

        Potted Pink Orchid A great baby girl gift with a large pink phalaenopsis orchid that’s been skilfully placed into a beautiful ceramic container. This is also an every day gift and a favourite of many. Ceramic container ma…

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  • Spider Plant Spider Plant

    Spider Plant

      Potted Spider Plant Looking for a hassle-free houseplant that thrives effortlessly in your home? Look no further than the spider plant, also known as chlorophytum. Delivered in a ceramic pot, this captivating green beauty boasts a...

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  • Sansevieria Snake Plant Sansevieria Snake Plant

    Sansevieria Snake Plant

      Sansevieria Snake Plant  Embrace the house plant revolution with our stunning Sansevieria Trifasciata, one of the most popular snake plants, a versatile and low-maintenance gem native to West Africa. Whether it's for a housewarming.…

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  • Potted Bromelia

    Potted Bromelia

      Potted Bromelia A true beauty. This colourful Bromelia plant would be the perfect gift for any household, since it requires very little care. Nicely arranged in a ceramic pot, it will stay flowered all year round. Note that the...…

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  • Potted Kentia Palm

    Potted Kentia Palm

        Potted Kentia Palm Add new vibes to your favourite room and bring some tropical feeling with a beautiful Kentia Palm, a plant that also improves air quality. Perfect as a house and/or office plant, this kentia comes in a...

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Hello Yellow Hello Yellow

Hello Yellow

Hello Yellow The bright 'Hello Yellow' bouquet is a lovely and cheerful arrangement, perfect for celebrating the beauty of summer. It features a variety of spring flowers in shades of yellow,...

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Was: £64.00
Now: £52.99
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Sweet Anna Sweet Anna

Sweet Anna

Sweet Anna 'Sweet Anna' is a hand-tied bouquet that captures the essence of joy and celebration with its exquisite blend of pink blooms. This stunning arrangement features a harmonious mix of...

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Harmony in Bloom Harmony in Bloom

Harmony in Bloom

Harmony in Bloom The radiant 'Harmony in Bloom' bouquet is a delightful and vibrant arrangement, tailor-made for commemorating the splendour of the current season. This masterpiece showcases a...

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