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5 Things to Know Before Sending Flowers on Mother's Day

5 Things to Know Before Sending Flowers on Mother's Day

Posted by Flower Station on 17th Dec 2021

Whatever gift you have chosen to give your mom on Mother's Day, would be incomplete without a beautiful Mother’s Day bouquet. You will agree that she deserves the best your money can buy. That's why we have listed tips to make sure you get the most out of your Mother’s Day flower order.

What flowers to give for Mother's Day?

A couple of days before Mother's Day, you might start wondering what flowers to get for your mom for the special day. With so many flowers available, it can be difficult to choose the ones you know your mum will love. But what colour should they be?

First, we advise you to think about your mom's favourite flowers and favourite colour. If you cannot recall that then we recommend choosing either carnations or chrysanthemums as these flowers are symbols of Mother’s Day.

If you’re still in doubt, check other traditional Mother's Day flowers you can give your Mom. We have also prepared gift cards that allow your mom to choose the bouquet they want, when they want it. It's a perfect option for you’re short on time or simply cannot make up your mind.

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Order Your Mother’s Day Bouquet Earlier

Many people tend to buy flowers at the last minute or grab flowers on Mother’s Day as they head over to mom’s place. But we advise you to order your Mother's Day flowers several days in advance. It is one of the florists' busiest days of the year so the sooner you place your order, the better chance you have of finding exactly what you want and getting it delivered in time. However, most florists including Flower Station will still take orders up to the day before Mother’s Day with a next-day delivery option. But it is still better to order early.

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Shop Mother’s Day Bouquets from Your Local Florist

We all agree that we want the highest-quality Mother's Day bouquet for the money we offer. It's best to find a real local florist with a real address and phone number. That will give you flexibility. You can always visit the flower shop and grab your bouquet on a go. This way the flowers would be the freshest possible. Be aware of businesses who present themselves as local florists, take a sizable cut out of your order and pass it along to your local florist to fill at a lower price.

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Don't Forget to Write Heartfelt Message on a Card

Although the flowers will bring warm feelings to your mom you cannot go without a card with a heartfelt or funny message that will make your mom cry or laugh. If you cannot find the right words expressing your true feelings, please check our list of Mother's day messages you can write on the card. We also advise you to bundle the Mother's Day bouquet and the card with chocolates or a bottle of champagne.

Double Check the Details Required

Before placing your order, make sure you have provided your florist with your mom’s accurate name, address, and phone number. If the flowers are being delivered to an office or hospital, more information, such as department, work hours, floor, room number, etc., may be required. Please also check that you have written the message on the card.

When sending flowers to someone who lives in a large apartment building, please make sure your mom will be home to receive the gift. Otherwise, it may be left at reception. This will ensure our delivery team successfully drops off your Mother’s Day gift with ease.

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