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The origins of freesia go all the way to South Africa. Out of the 14 freesia species, 12 are native to Cape Province, SA (with other two belonging to tropical Africa). The name freesia was derived from a German physician, Dr Friedrich H. T. Freese. Although it is now one of the favorite UK flowers, the freesia was actually not that popular until the 1950’s, after which its popularity soared. The freesia flower is wonderful as an appreciation gift towards an act of kindness, or as a gift for a new baby boy, or a new baby girl. The words usually associated with freesia are sweetness, friendship, purity, innocence and trust. With such connotations it is not unusual to see why freesias are also the flowers of love for many people.


Here at Flower Station we pride ourselves on being a completely independent florist who buy and import all our freesia flowers from the growers directly using procedures as outlined by the Fair Flowers Fair Plants association. As such the freshness of your freesias is virtually guaranteed, however a few tips will make these freesia flowers last even longer. As freesias are very susceptible to dehydration, make sure the freesia flowers are given plenty of clean water and be aware of the falling water line. Before placing the flowers in water, cut the freesia stems and do add the flower food sachet as an extra supplement of vitality. Try to keep these flowers from ripening fruit and exhaust flames, as these are sources of ethylene that will accelerate the ageing process by not allowing enough flower buds to open. The ageing top buds should be eventually removed to encourage the new freesia buds to open and flower.